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Need help with flashing and formatting Newbe

Discussion in 'Xbox - Hardware mods' started by mikelmb, Jan 22, 2005.

  1. mikelmb

    mikelmb Guest

    ihad alot of trouble getting my bios on my xbox and i finally got it flashed successfully. the bios came with an evol dash called slayer. before i was going to use it i thought i had to format my hd. i got a new 120 gb hd and a x3 chip. so when i formatted my harddrive now when i go to reboot to dash it wont do anything i want to know what to do to get the dash back on my bios. i still have the cd which i flashed the bio
  2. E-Era

    E-Era Guest

    Im not here to reply "Sorry"It looks like you install your Xecuter3 mod chip successfully.I have a question for you.I installed my Xecuter3 mod chip but when i tryed to disable my mod chip it shutdown my system. When you istalled your mod chip did you get any problems like that.
  3. mikelmb

    mikelmb Guest

    im sorry im not sure about that mine will frag when i push the buttons to get in backup mode sometimes not all the time it just depends how i push them and how long i hold them this xbox stuff is very confusing and i wish i could exchange emails with an expert that would be nice enough to help me with my problem

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