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need help with media reconizing in my dvd player

Discussion in 'DVDR' started by jeffbait, Feb 21, 2005.

  1. jeffbait

    jeffbait Guest

    hi guys and thanks and hope you can help me.

    i have a liteon sohw-s rw and am usind dvd decryptor and nero 6.0.66 to burn using verbatim 8x dvd- disks

    when i try to play the dvd on my stand alone player it plays the first 20 or so min and then skipps ahead to the end and quits. or just freezes.my dvd olayer is a toshiba sd-v290. and it only plays -r dvd. so do i have to buy a newer dvd player or is there software out there to convert the dvd to play on older dvd players?

    thanks for your guys help
  2. Whitfield

    Whitfield Regular member

    Jun 11, 2013
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    Hi jeffbait--
    What speed are you burning at? It is recommended to never burn at faster than 4x. It may well be a media issue--I would try a couple different brands--Sony, Taiyo Yuden are best, Fuji and a few others--Not Memorex--see if any of the other brands help--often the manufacturer of the burner will recommend specific brand--I really doubt that it is a software issue--a burned disk is a burned disk--I had the same problem with older stand alone players--some play my burned disks fine, some don't--The good news is that new stand alone players have come way, way down in price--for less than $50, a quality machine can be had. I bought 2 inexpensive ($25)stand alone players and they play anything! Good Luck


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