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Need Help with unleashx skins and update

Discussion in 'Xbox - Software discussion' started by Kyuubi85, Mar 17, 2007.

  1. Kyuubi85

    Kyuubi85 Guest

    I hate to post a new thread but ive looked around on several sites and havent found an answer. I have an old version of unleashx. It actually is from the original slayer disc. My first problem is the skins. I must have a 100 skins in my skin folders located at c:\skins. I have gone to system -> settings and changed the default to c:\skins. Only 3 of my skins show up and the others arent listed there. Ive gone into this folder using the file explorer and flashfxp and they are all there. Not only that ive added some new ones to it. But it still dont show up, when i go to the skins section on the main menu i Only see 3 of them. The strange thing is, those three were downloaded from allxboxskins by me personally and i added them to that folder amongst the rest but there are a couple of new ones i added to that folder that arent showing up. So im thinking that i need to update unleashx but when i click update, it only goes 99% and then fails. I know there may be way to do it from xbins but im not sure how and worried that the update may affect my other applications. Any suggestions or help would be great. Thanks

    Apologize about the length - wanted to be thorough
  2. jmanbig

    jmanbig Member

    May 14, 2006
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    right i had a problem like this with my skins it was that the skins where still ziped ie

    wrong way c/skins/xbox/xbox.zip <<< un zip the xbox zip

    correct way c/skins/xbox/xbox.xml and other files as long as the xml is here the skin will show

    hope this helped msg back if not

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