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need some help plz

Discussion in 'Digital camcorders' started by EvilJohn, Mar 20, 2005.

  1. EvilJohn

    EvilJohn Guest


    a fews days ago I launched a new thread to get some help with choosing my camcorder. Today I have decided that it is probably going to be the Sony DCR-HC42 unless someone has a better suggestion? :)
    I'm from Belgium and since prices are so high here and I know a friend how is on holiday in New York right now, I want to ask some help for finding a good and cheap store in New York that sells this camera (the Sony DCR-HC42) in PAL version, otherwise it wouldn't work here in Europe I'm afraid. So if someone over there in New York or someone who knows a place there, could help me find a good and reliable store, I would very much appreciate it. Fast reply is needed plz because my friend is only there for one week. Nevertheless I don't want to be pushy.
    Thank you in advance


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    Jan 1, 2005
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    First of all, there is not much cahnce that you will find a PAL model in New York.
    Secondly: when your friend brings it back to Europe he is supposed to report it and pay import duties. Since the camera will not be "nEutered" he will have to pay the high tariff. If you consider smuggling: be aware that if they search him and find a complete set of all the accessories including the box it comes in and an invoice (which you will need for warranty purposes), he is in trouble. But I guess you don't want to put your friend in such a position.
    Bottom line: not worth the hassle...

  3. EvilJohn

    EvilJohn Guest

    It's done before!!! :p
    I will check the prices by our neighbours the friendly Germans :)

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