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Nero 5.5 and other burning software & files size problems

Discussion in 'CD-R' started by marcosr, Jun 16, 2004.

  1. marcosr

    marcosr Guest

    Hello there

    If you are using an OS that is earlier than win2k, then I would say that your problem is most likely related to the file size of the AVI since 95,98 & ME cannot handle a file size that is close to 4 gigs so you need to keep the files sizes down to about 2 gigs in size in order to be able to burn them.

    I had run into this problem when I was attempting to copy files that were close to 4 gigs in size and also found that they would cause any burning software to crash, after I reduced them down to 2 gigs they burned ok.

  2. Pein

    Pein Active member

    Oct 22, 2003
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    Just adding somekind of a reason for these file size limitations.
    It's related to file systems and their limitations (in Windows):
    fat - 2G
    fat32 - 4G
    ntfs - limited by size of volume
  3. marcosr

    marcosr Guest

    Yes you are correct for the limitations being imbedded in the OS file structure.

    But what I am attempting to get across is that even though the fat32 can handle up to a 4 gig file that doesn't mean that you can do anything with it but play the file, You cannot copy it to another drive, burn it to a DVD because it's just to big to be handled but like I said the file will play just fine.

    The best thing to do with respect to 95, 98, ME & 2k or XP (in fat 32 format) is to break the files down to managable sizes and the easiest is 1024k so that if needed you can span dvd's easier.

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