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Discussion in 'Video playback problems' started by TURBOGANG, May 18, 2003.



    i have been trying for some time to find the easiest vcd program out there (not to gifted) VCD Gallery works like a charm for me I can rip my DVD's and view them via vcd cutter no problem. However once I try the old drag method in Nero 5 (settings at default) and allow it to convert them to dat files for me and after a full burn. I pop it in to my dvd player to get about 25 mins of a movie only to watch it frezze up. Now i have tried to convert the mpeg to dat with vcd cutter then burn it same problem. movie freeze up on me also I have tried to convert the movie with other software as well quality is great but it freezes up on me like crazy. Do I need to change my settings on my Nero xpress? or use wizard plz some one anyone help.

    He who hold many coasters-thanks you for your replies
  2. MikeBUK

    MikeBUK Guest

    I'm not an expert at ripping DVD to VCD but if you have converted to MPEG 1 files you should just go straight to the VCD option in Nero, drag and drop and burn. You don't need to use express. Also make sure you burn at no more than 4x for a VCD.

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