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Nero 6 is too slow

Discussion in 'Video - Software discussion' started by UFUOMA, Mar 5, 2005.


    UFUOMA Member

    Mar 5, 2005
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    I have a Nero6 OEM and movies i already downloaded on my PC from the internet takes me more than 6hours to encode and copy on a CD.i would really like to know if there is a better and faster software that can do the same job with little time...........
  2. Minion

    Minion Senior member

    Sep 28, 2003
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    Nero is well Known for useing one of the Worst Mpeg encoders ever created so you should Stay away from useing it....

    What you need is a Good Quality and Fast Mpeg encoder to encode your Movies to Mpeg-1/VCD Format and then you can use Nero to Just Burn the Files to CD-R as VCD"s....

    One of the Best quality Mpeg-1/VCD Encoders on the Market is "Tmpgenc" which is also totally Free for Mpeg-1/VCD Encodeing but it is a Little on the Slow Side.....
    If you want to Try a High Quality encoder that is Super Fast then Try the "MainConcept Encoder" as I can encode a 90 minute AVI to VCD in about 20 minutes and the Quality is very good, well good for VCD"s...
    The Drawback to the MainConcept encoder is that it isn"t freeware ....

    You also Might consider Makeing DVD"s instead of VCD"s because for one thing it is Cheaper to do DVD"s and you can fit up to 4 Full VCD Movies on a single DVD-R...Also with the Price of DVD Burners these days there is no reason not to have a DVD Burner as you can get them for as Low as $50 New...I actually just Picked up a New DVD Burner for $35 ,It was an Older Model "Pioneer A06 4x Burner" but it works Perfectly and you can Pick up Blank DVD-R"s for as Low as 0.25c each which is as cheap or cheaper than CD-R"s But you can Fit 7 Times as much Data on a Single DVD-R....

  3. kyle_101

    kyle_101 Guest

    If you are going to Make dvd's may i reccomend using WinAvi converter its 29.99 but well worth the money. You can use it to encode to many different formats and it also gives you the option of encoding by quality or by speed if time is very precious.

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