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Nero 6/Nerovision express3 SE

Discussion in 'DVDR' started by 237, Feb 24, 2005.

  1. 237

    237 Guest

    I have aquired a windows 2000 XP Professional which already had Nero6 installed on it,I decided to use it's facility to make a DVD with some of my home video's on, the problem i encountered was that i could not burn to DVD only VCD,and that i would have to download a plug in,But the Nero 6 Ultra edition which is also installed already has this,i was using nero Express 3 SE which has a facility to build a menu screen so that anyone can access the different parts clicking onto a title screen in the main menu, but everytime i burn a VCD and go to watch the play back,it goes straight into the footage and there is no menue screen visible? Can any body tell me where i am going wrong and what i need to do to correct the problem if you can help please,please do i am totally hacked off!!! 237.Thankyou
  2. scf_au

    scf_au Regular member

    Sep 12, 2004
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    Dear 237,
    I'm a bit confused about the DVD part, so I'll just tackle the VCD part.
    Suppose you have some movie clips and would like to make a VCD with a menu with Nero:
    1) check and make sure your movie clips are in mpeg format (it's simpler this way).
    2) At Nero StartSmart, click 'CD', then 'make video cd', then 'add video files'. Paste your mpegs, click next, and follow the lead from there.
    Good luck!
  3. 237

    237 Guest

    Firstly thankyou for replying!The problem with the selection of VCD and DVD is that it will not allow me to burn my homemade files to DVD,Because as it says I would have to download a DVD Plug to use this facility.
    In Yet Nero 6 ultra states that DVD Plug is installed and i know it is as i have had no problems backing discs that are DVD to DVD!.
    As for the info you gave on Express 3 problem concerning the menu, You probably can tell that i am a pure novice at this and not very good at the moment with using all the technical jargon,However the problem i am encountering is,i Have no problems with mpeg files being burnt,the real thing that is getting to be a real pain, is when yoiu want to make a title page,and you have all the little squares up on the screen which you can click,if played back through any DVD Player etc,This title does not appear and launches straight into the first film it finds,so that nice title screen i have spent so much time perfecting and testing does not come through. I have gone over this time and time again to try to find the problem and once the project has been burned, Ah...? No! yet another disc wasted!I have followed all the instructions and help screens that pop up and still does not work! This also includes any music i add in this also does not play in the title page? So what the hell am i doing wrong,Further help is appreciated, Oh yes do try please anybody replying to keep your answers as simple as possible! This world seems to be a very complicated place for some one who is still getting to grips of understanding rocket science? Cheers I thankyou all!
  4. Rotary

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    Apr 10, 2003
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    i have no idea on NV3 but! in tmpgenc there is a setting that you must use to either...

    Start film right away


    Go to main menu

    basically it is probably something like this! youneed to set it go to main menu etc etc....

    hope you get what i am trying to say...

    else even if you have a menu and its set toplay right away it wont show till the end of film! then it goes to main menu after!

    Last edited: Feb 24, 2005

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