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nero and pioneer 106d

Discussion in 'DVDR' started by vbellis, Apr 7, 2004.

  1. vbellis

    vbellis Guest

    hi, i'm hoping someone out there may have some advice! i currently own a pioneer dvd106d 4x burner, I just want to burn a 59 minute movie to a DVD-R disc but keep having to bin the discs!

    I'm using Packard Bell DVD-R single side 4.7 discs and got the following error from nero:

    ---- DVD Structure: Physical Format Information (00h) ----
    Layer: 0, Address: 0 (0 h), AGID: 0; Length: 2050
    Book Type: DVD-R (2), Part Version: 5
    Disc Size: 120 mm, Maximum Rate: 10.08 Mbps (2 h)
    Number of Layers: 1, Track Path: Parallel Track Path (PTP), Layer Type: recordable
    Linear Density: 0,267 um/bit, Track Density: 0,74 um/track
    Starting Physical Sector Number of Data Area: 30000 h (DVD-ROM, DVD-R/-RW, DVD+R/+RW)
    End Physical Sector Number of Data Area: 0 h
    End Sector Number in Layer 0: 0 h
    Data in Burst Cutting Area (BCA) does not exist
    Media Specific:
    00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 - 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 ................
    00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 - 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 ................
    00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 - 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 ................

    19:27:35 #16 Text 0 File Writer.cpp, Line 316
    19:27:35.812 - PIONEER DVD RW DVR-106D : Queue again later (Intervall : 47msec)

    19:29:00 #17 Text 0 File Writer.cpp, Line 316
    19:29:00.140 - PIONEER DVD RW DVR-106D : Queue again later (Intervall : 47msec)

    20:19:10 #18 Text 0 File WriterStatus.cpp, Line 115
    <PIONEER DVD RW DVR-106D> start writing Lead-Out at LBA 2098940 (2006FCh), lenght 0 blocks

    20:19:11 #19 Text 0 File ThreadedTransfer.cpp, Line 222
    all writers idle, stopping conversion

    20:59:54 #20 DVDR -1169 File ThreadedTransferInterface.cpp, Line 1468
    Logical unit not ready, operation in progress

    20:59:54 #21 TRANSFER -24 File ThreadedTransferInterface.cpp, Line 1468
    Could not perform end of Disc-At-Once

    21:40:38 #22 DVDR -1169 File WriterStatus.cpp, Line 163
    Logical unit not ready, operation in progress

    21:40:38 #23 TRANSFER -24 File WriterStatus.cpp, Line 163
    Could not perform end of Disc-At-Once

    21:40:38 #24 Phase 38 File dlgbrnst.cpp, Line 1655
    Burn process failed at 1x (1,380 KB/s)

    21:40:38 #25 Text 0 File Scsicmd.cpp, Line 406
    SCSI not using temporary buffers
    20 out of 20 temporary buffers allocated

    any ideas ? 90% over the videos fail to write to the dvd-r format however vob files ok on pc?

    I don't know whether or not to update the firmware? i suspect the drive + discs are poor?

    does anyone have a drive they would recommend perhaps LG 8x ??

    thanks in advance.
  2. ScubaPete

    ScubaPete Senior member

    Mar 13, 2003
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    Memorex is a good example, figures as high as 50% coasters have been reported (One member bought a stack of 50 and got 23 good burns.), not what I would call an impressive record. Many times you’ll get a “cyclic redundancy error”. This message can mean that your discs are scratched or dirty, it can also mean that your “cheap” media won’t be accepted by your burner :-(

    1.* Cheap media skips and stutters, freezes, fuzzules, pixelats, palpitates, partially jams, partially rams, won’t play, won’t burn or won’t be accepted, may be rejected and even our old standby, refuses to be recognized. :-( (The preceding evokes LL)

    Inexpensive media is great for text, Data, Spreadsheets, .Jpg and .Gif pictures and is good even for MP3 music BUT for DVD backups - BLAaaaaaT! It SUCKTH in an extremely Big-th way !

    2. A good grade media is needed for DVD reproduction !
    Ritek G04's or Verbatim are what we’re looking for OR any media boasting “Advanced AZO Metal Dye”, this indicates a superior dye application, while they are a bit “pricey” they are acceptable.

    Prices online from Meritline.com have gotten Ritek G04 down below a dollar a disc -
    Question - If you make coasters out of 3 cheap discs and good copies from 3 Verbatim discs or 3 Ritek G04 discs - which ones then are too expensive ?

    Bear in mind, Memorex, Fuji, Sony, TDK, Orange Pack and others are quite good for your MP3 music, picture archives, Spread sheets, Data and your text backups and archives, they just don’t work well for DVD backups.
    Remember, for DVD backups, purchasing inexpensive media is a gamble, some people win, the majority of people lose, varying amounts but, they still lose :-(

    Using good grade media can guarantee you one thing to an absolute certainty, it surely cannot hurt.

    *A sometimes fix is to compress your DVD to somewhere around 4.3 GB even. By reducing the amount to be burned you can stay away from the edges where the dye tends to be uneven and the discs may be brittle.

    You can reduce the numbers of errors while burning cheapo media by burning at a reduced speed. It takes longer but you’re saving money.

    Yet another trick is to start your DVD in your PC’s PowerDVD player, let it play for a minute then open your program and begin to process the DVD while it’s playing, as soon as your program finds the DVD, turn off the player.

    A reminder, play your DVD in your DVD-ROM. It’s easier for your PC to read the disc and it is much easier on your DVD burner. Constant stopping and starting of your burner required to read a disc could cause premature wearing out of your drive.

    Hope this gives you some direction -

  3. daba

    daba Guest

    Hi vbellis,

    Do you have troubles only with that specific movie you want to burn or do all your burning attempts fail regardless of the movie ?
  4. vbellis

    vbellis Guest

    thanks ScubaPete for the detailed information ( really appreciated ) you get what you pay for is certainly right and I now have a better idea of what type of media to use for DVD-Video in the future.

    hi daba,

    The Packard Bell discs certainly won't be helping but up til now i'd not realized they were a cheap brand.

    I do suspect there is a problem with the burner and DVD-R format discs, this is just based on other people reporting identical issues with the multidrive pioneer 106d.

    I've not yet tested with an expensive brand this next stage, anyway back to your question - 95% of all DVD movie burning attempts have failed at some point with DVD-R but then most except for this one have eventually worked although costing me cd's.

    I've only burnt to DVD+RW once and that worked.

    Now I tend to burn the ISO image first ( 2 test ) and then burn the image directly to my disc.

    The nero log I posted mentioned "logical unit not ready" this was at 100% ( finalising stage ), maybe I should have warmed up the drive first sounds silly but who knows?

    I need to find out what is the most compatible DVD-R media for my drive and other type of drives. If I don't get better results I may be best upgrading to a newer burner ?


  5. daba

    daba Guest

    Keep your 106 burner ! You will change when the dual-layer burners are available :)

    Anyway the 106 is a [bold]great[/bold] burner. Probably the best 4X. I have one and I didn't make a single coaster. The 106 is definitely happy with DVD-R. I made more than 20 of them (at 4X) with complete success, and even not with expensive media (Maxell DVD-R Data 4X).

    My 106 is also happy with -RW discs, but I had trouble with one +RW disc.

    Don't throw your 106. Buy good media, upgrade to latest version of Nero and let your PC alone while burning.
  6. vbellis

    vbellis Guest

    Thanks for advice daba, i'm going to try the Ritek G04 dye ( datasafe ) brand! The only concern I have is that many people have tried much cheaper brands than Packard Bell and still had 0 coasters?

    Do you know of any issues with [bold]ritek+106?[/bold] and have you updated the firmware on your pioneer 106?

    Plus I can only burn at 1x is this indicitive to cheap media?


  7. daba

    daba Guest

    I didn't upgrade my burner's firmware. It was shipped with 1.07 or 1.08 (I can't check: I'm at the office right now).

    I'm sure there is no issue with Ritek + 106. Otherwise this forum would be full of complains about Pioneer's burner. Usually people have nothing but praise about the 106.

    1X limit (while the box claims higher speed) can be due to very cheap media. Give a try to Maxell DVD-R Data 4x (not that expensive). It it doesn't work or if you are not happy with the quality, buy top-brand media such as Ritek G04 (not just any Ritek) or Verbatim.

    Update your Nero (be it 5.5 or 6.3) and don't forget to stay away from your PC while burning.
  8. vbellis

    vbellis Guest

    nice one, thanks for the help I think i'm just going through a paranoia stage after all coasters .. i'm positive that once i've upgraded the media all should be well.


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