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Nero & Decrypter

Discussion in 'DVDR' started by oversig, Jan 13, 2005.

  1. oversig

    oversig Guest

    I just burnt my first backup copy of a DVD.single layer.
    I tried first with decrypter copied it to my hard drive just fine but, when I tried to write it I kept getting "could not find the path" even after finding it on my hard drive & clicking on it.
    So then I found the file with Nero & used the file to DVD & burnt it:)It took my PC only 12min to copy to my H/D & then only about 12min to burn it to DVD-R Outstanding!!
    I remember just last year friends telling it took them 1 to 2 hours to burn there B/ups.
    Nero kicksbutt!!
    Why or what is the correct steps on using decrypter?
    What file name are you suppose to enter?
    Or are these the correct steps on burning some DVD'S?
    I tried VIDEO_TS,file name & all files from that folder...
    I'm learning allot from all of your post's Thank's to Afterdawn.com. <<BURN IT UP!!>>
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  2. hursty

    hursty Active member

    Nov 22, 2004
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    dont know what has gone wrong
    normally using decrypter is straight forward.
    in iso read mode(settings),is "create mds" ticked?
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  3. Gringle

    Gringle Guest

    hi and welcome to AD oversig.
    A lot of folk including myself are having a few problems with Decrypter at the moment.
    The only way I can rip and burn with decrypter is rip or read in ISO mode into C:\NEW.ISO folder ...type that in as the destination
    this is where it gets dafter
    to upload/write I have to use C:\NEW.MDS as the source. again I have to type this in as the source.
    After the burn
    I use the search program to find these two seperate file one with the ISOs' in and the other MDS start files, an delete them.

    Try it, hopeflly it may work for you to.
    regards gringle.
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  4. oversig

    oversig Guest

    Create mds file was not checked.
    In ISO mod.
    But, I've checked it now & will try again.
  5. oversig

    oversig Guest

    Try it it may work for you, but I think it's an internal conflict with my pc.

    regards gringle.

    Thanks, I understand what your saying about the new file folder first.
    I'll try that.
    & thanks again;)
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