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Nero Express Extra Burn

Discussion in 'CD-R' started by Partco, Sep 2, 2004.

  1. Partco

    Partco Guest

    I have been copying vcd films from one disc to another for quite a while.I use Nero Express with a Justlink CD writer 52x32x52x.I use CD-r discs.Sometimes they burn fine from lead in to lead out.But on occasions after burning there is a different area burn on the disc so you get 2 shades of burning like an outer an inner ring.Sometimes it happens at the start,middle or end of the disc so there is no pattern.It also happens within the same batch of discs.They seem to play ok on my PC & standalone DVD player but i was wondering if there was a problem.DMA is switched off on both my Atapi CD Rom & Artec WRR52Z drives.Does this matter.The funny thing is when i burn audio music onto the CD-r discs they burn fine with no extra ring.Can you help?
  2. toyfigure

    toyfigure Guest

    If your copies play in other machines you should have nothing to worry about. Different types/forms of data will leave differrent impressions on CD-Rs.
  3. Partco

    Partco Guest

    That is good to know Thanks for your help.

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