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Nero Express Problems

Discussion in 'Video - Software discussion' started by adirolf, Nov 5, 2004.

  1. adirolf

    adirolf Guest

    I have tried creating a vcd with NeroExpress2, I have the video prepared, I think properly. I try to burn the video to cd and the program shows that the video is being burnt. Upon completion, all I get on my standalone DVD player is the title page, no video, no audio. I'm sure I'm doing something wrong, but cannot figure it out. I've tried the process several times, with the same results. HELP!! Also, is there a way to put my own start page, with the process of making or am I stuck using there title pages. Thanks for any assistance. Oh! By the way, a new user, of this program, so be gentle!
  2. nanu-nanu

    nanu-nanu Member

    Aug 19, 2004
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    What do you mean "create a vcd". More details such as what software are you using intially DVDShrink, Decrytper etc...are you creating "back ups" of DVD's?

    Secondly what program are you using to burn? You stated Nero EPRESS 2, right now the most recent Nero Express is Nero Express 6, so you either mistyped or you are using a terribly old version of Nero. Also beware of the 6.6+ updates, if you copy of nero is not legally owned by you then you will have problems.

    Third if you meant NeroVISION Express 2, then when you have added the file to burn, click the preveiw and check for sound.

    Fourth, is your standalone compatible with vcd.
    The "title page only" happened to me with my first vcd and Nero, but cant remember what fixed it.....lol sorry. But it was something simple that practically fixed itself.
  3. adirolf

    adirolf Guest

    First, I am making a video of my son's Halloween program. I captured it from my video camera and have edited it and have reviewed it several times to insure video is the way I want it.

    Second, I am using Nero 6 Ultra Edition, with Nero Vision Express 2, version, I purchased the software from store and have original software cd.

    Third, as I stated when burning the video to cd, the video shows normal, video and audio seems fine.

    Fourth, My standalone dvd player is fine, I have burned photo slideshows using this same Nero Edition and the photo vcd's play fine on the standalone player.
    As for the title page, as I stated, I have tried several times to burn this video and all that shows on screen is the title page.

    Figured, I'm not holding my mouth right, or something simple like that, but can't seem to figure out my problem. Thanks for your feedback, any other assistance that you or anyone else can provide will be greatly appreciated.
  4. ccampbell

    ccampbell Regular member

    Mar 24, 2004
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    Hi Adirolf,

    With the VCD you created with NVE playback in the Nero ShowTime software that comes with Nero 6?

    If it does, you may just need to try a slower write speed, or a different brand of CD media.


    Ahead Software
  5. adirolf

    adirolf Guest

    Thanks for the information. I figured out the problem. It was operator error. I failed to press the #1 on DVD player to show the first chapter. I told you it was probably something simple. Yeah, simple like my brain.
    Thanks again for the feedback.

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