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Discussion in 'CD-R' started by DOORMAN, Nov 27, 2002.


    DOORMAN Guest

    ok now this is driving me mad and i need some help befor i do some thing daft, i am new to forums so i little patience is needed with me.
    first i had a system which i will decribe in a minuete.
    (excuse spelling)
    i have a AMD duron 900mhz
    512 sdram
    samsung cd/dvd rom
    and the mainboard, is MS830/E
    cdrw liteon 32 speed

    now befor this i only had 128 ram and a 8 speed cd writer

    now i have cable on the motherboard fixed in the first slot and on the cable is my 80 gig hd first then the cd/dvd rom , rom set as slave and the second cable from the second slot stright to the writer and that is set at master.

    my problem is that if i burn at 4 speed its ok yet if i up the speed to say 8 or above the buffers empty(read and recorder) and then the writer stops (burn proof) it then waits for them to fill up and carrys on writing till it re- emptys and the whole thing starts over again waiting for the buffers to fill up hance it takes alot longer to write at 8 speed or above than 4 speed .
    any help would be greatly appriciated thanx
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