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Discussion in 'DVDR' started by chalkie, Mar 3, 2003.

  1. chalkie

    chalkie Guest

    Not had my burner long and only managed to back up 2 dvd's upto now,thought i had it sussed.
    When trying to burn image from hard drive to disc with latest nero it resets itself around 84% and just sits there doing nothing but the time keeps going,then when i try to close nero down it wont i have to log off (windows xp) to close it,any ideas.

  2. cpb353

    cpb353 Guest

    I had something similar to this when using DataWrite DVD+R Media. Nero would go so far (ranging between 54% & 90%) and then just stop. I tried using DVD Decrypter to burn an Image, but this also stopped half way through. If you have a DVD+RW disc, try this - you will probably find it works!

    With some of my other DVD's, Nero would report 'Error Writing to DVD' and 'Burning Failed'. This happened with 7 of a 10 pack of DVD'S!

    Try changing media - I am now using Infiniti DVD+R. I have only burnt 1 DVD so far, but it worked fine! The tops are quite light aswell, so you dont need to stick 2 labels on to hide the writing underneath!

    Buy from www.ebuyer.co.uk - £28.00 for 25.
  3. chalkie

    chalkie Guest

    I dont think this is media related,useing poineer 104 nero 5.5.15 and datasafe dvd-rw and fws (ritec)disc.

    I had pioneer 104 and philips 1610 cd-rw/dvd drives connected on ide as cable select and the 104 drive light kept coming on when nothing in the drive,i changed the drives over to master and slave and fingers crossed all seems well "but" tried to backup a ps2 game with a choice disc and ps2 wont play it does any one else have problem with choice disc,will try a fws tomorrow.
  4. dreadogg

    dreadogg Guest

    make sure daemon tools has nothing mounted or any other virtual dvd cd rom drive
  5. chalkie

    chalkie Guest

    dont know what you mean,never heard of deamon tools.
    ritec disk worked backing up ps2 game,but cant backup a backup dvd it says not enough space on media,wiered worked before though.
  6. dreadogg

    dreadogg Guest

    possibly that it is a dvd 9 dual layer disk. better go find DVD2ONE

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