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Nero not automatically turning on after dvdshrink encode?/

Discussion in 'Nero discussion' started by bahgee, Jan 15, 2007.

  1. bahgee

    bahgee Guest

    when i first used anydvd combined with dvdshrink, nero automatically turned on and burnt the disc. Very convenient as i like to go to bed once i start encoding and wake up to the burn. I recently installed a new copy of nero. I wish i had the version # but I dont. The version i had before was 6.0.3. That version worked like a champ but i just wanted to upgrade. as soon as i upgraded to the newer version of nero i got a bunch of errors. I uninstalled the new version of nero and put the earlier version back on thinking all would be well again. It does not error out , but does NOT automatically start burning w/ nero once encoded by dvdshrink. It says movie succesfully encoded and ready to be copied by appropriate dvd burning software. (paraphased ofcourse) Any idea why? Im not at my pc that i use so i cant prnt screen. Sorry.. the only thing i can think of is that nero was already on my pc before i installed dvd shrink. Should i un-install dvdshrink and re-install dvdshrink again? Suggestions greatly appreciated.
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  2. laddyboy

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    Jan 4, 2005
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    If you upgraded to the newest Nero 6 at the Nero site, that'd be where your problem likely lies. Version won't autoburn with DVD Shrink. If that's the case, uninstall your current version, downlaod and run the Nero 6 Clean Tool, and then install version from the following two links:


    Package 1: http://httpdl1.usw.nero.com/software/Nero6/Nero-
    Package 2: http://httpdl1.usw.nero.com/software/Nero6/NVE-

    Also make sure that Shrink is setup to autoburn with Nero:

    Edit > Preferences... > File I/O tab > check "Enable burning with Nero.

    You can also auto burn with DVD Decrypter (free) or ImgBurn (free) from DVD Shrink. The regular version of Shrink is already setup to autoburn with DVD Decrypter if it is installed. To enable autoburning with ImgBurn, download the version here:


    You may need to reinstall DVD Shrink. Be sure to use the uninstaller in the DVD Shrink folder to uninstall. A virgin copy can be found here:

  3. bahgee

    bahgee Guest

    Thanks friend. Looking fwd to checking out the fix.

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