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Nero problem

Discussion in 'CD-R' started by Micky3110, Feb 27, 2007.

  1. Micky3110

    Micky3110 Guest

    hi guys,firstly please bear with me as im new.

    Well,i got a laptop 4 xmas and it game with some poor burn software that didnt want to work.So i downloaded nero 7.I succesfully burned one set of dvd files to a dvd.But since then ive had no luck with doing this again or being able to copy a dvd.i dont get any error messages as such but i get speeds of around 700 kb/s for sum reason:S. alsoo the buffer level meter goes up to 99% and and back down to about 30% and vice versa all the time.Then i gets to a certain percent,say 23 after maybe 30 mins and just doesent get any further.

    Ps i can burn cds fine.

    plz help thanks
  2. Micky3110

    Micky3110 Guest

    just to let you know ive tried nero versions 7.5,7 and now 6 ultra ediition and neither of them work.

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