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Nero Recode size and quality...

Discussion in 'DVDR' started by resident, Sep 25, 2004.

  1. resident

    resident Guest

    I have been using DVD Shrink to encode my DVDs to VOB files. I was reading that Nero Recode can encode at the same quality at about 1/5th of the size. Meaning you could fit 5 encoded movies of suitable quality one a single layer DVDR. Is this claim true?

    I am not a video-phile. DVD shrink's quality is fine for me. I also do not use a stand alone DVD player. Everything is played through my comp. Usually I store them and watch them from my HDD. So, if this claim is correct, this would be perfect for me since the reduced size will allow me to hold 5x the movies on my HDD.

    Any thoughts or expierence with encoding with Nero Recode 2? Thank in advance for your help...


    P.S. I am downloading the latest Nero Recode 2 right now to plug into my Nero 6.
  2. crazymf77

    crazymf77 Guest

    People lie too much.Nero recode isn't very fast. Your better off using shrink.As for the 5 movies on one disc it sounds like a fairy tale.Give it a shot but your old beta tapes will probably look better.

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