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Nero Recode to PS3 Help Needed

Discussion in 'Nero discussion' started by ms2002sss, Nov 6, 2007.

  1. ms2002sss

    ms2002sss Guest

    Hi there,

    I am trying to backup my DVD's to a large external hard drive so I can store them and watch them on my PS3. I used DVD shrink to put the movie on my local disc and then used the HDTV - AVC profile in Recode to make a MP4 file. This worked but took about 8hrs if I leave it overnight. It was quite happy if I browsed the net and opened other apps. I had recode in low prioty mode. Everything was fine.

    So I decided to do exactly the same on a much higher spec PC to shorten the Recode time. I tired the same movie to gague timings. My problem on the "better" PC, is now that if I minimise Recode or lock the PC it hangs the preview and then never returns, and the "frames/sec" shoots up from 30-35 to 100+. although it continues to convert thinking all is well. It finishes without any errors (so nero thinks its done its job) but the file dosent work and the file size is too small. (I think it resets the file size each time I minimize!)

    1. Why is this PC unable to do what a vastley inferior PC can do.
    2. Is there a better quicker way to get MP4 PS3 files?
    3. I updated nero and now a Sony Memory Stick Video option appears. The total size is too small though. Is this PSP only?

    Thanks, and sorry if its long but I wanted to get everything in so many questions are avoided.
  2. ms2002sss

    ms2002sss Guest

    After further testing I have managed to get this working on a 3rd even lower spec PC, and, working on my best PC if I do not minimize the window.

    Although the problem still remains if I minimize when AVC encoding. If i encode to MP4 nero digital (not AVC) it works without problem.

    I need to minimize!


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