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Nero (ultra?)

Discussion in 'Nero discussion' started by DrBites, Dec 5, 2007.

  1. DrBites

    DrBites Guest

    It says Nero discussion, so here goes..

    Last year I purchased a LITEON DVD dual layer burner.. Probably the last model to be compatible with Win98se and still work with Win-XP.. With this drive, I got a copy of Nero ...

    Nero came bundled with all the programs that Nero includes in a bundled CD, including the Media Player.. I (legally) aquired the Enterprise keycode that enabled all the features of this program and it worked flawlessly on my system (I run multi-boot with Win98se & XP in the OS lineup)..

    Well, it "appears" that somehow, someway, I lost the Nero CD and tried loading a download of Nero Ultra AND the seperate Media Player .. I input the Enterprise Keycode in both softwares and everything appears to take just fine.. And all the programs also work.. Except Media Player.. Here's What happens (keep in mind that I'm on my Win-XP drive.. The Win98 program still works perfectly, in every respect)..

    I'll clicked on Media Player and the program fired up just fine.. Perfectly normal.. Till I went to play an MP3 and a WMA and it told me the format was not supported.. I clicked on Media Player's Settings and went to all the tabs for File Types and Formats and Plugins.. It virtually had no plugins to speak of and the only file/formats it would support were [cda, m3u, and three other formats I've never even heard of before now].. It lets you select all or select none.. There isn't even a way to add more format types or plugins even if you wanted too..

    I have also tried using a copy of Nero Ultra that I downloaded off this site about 2 years ago and several other versions of the Nero program to get the results that I have with my Win98 program.. Nothing works and I get the same results all the time with the new installs..

    I recently was forced to do a wipe & reload of my XP Drive.. Before the wipe & reload, I had a copy of Nero on XP as I do with my Win98se.. It worked as perfectly as it does on my Win98 Drive..

    Here's my plea (NOTE: I WON'T ask for any keycodes, as I already have a legitimate keycode for Nero that apparently also works on the other recent 6.x.x.x versions I've also tried)..

    Is there "ANYONE" out there that has a copy of this CD (purchased with a LITEON DVD Drive) or maybe a regular copy of the program? It "must" be Nero If you do, lets find a way acceptable to the rules on this site to get in contact so I can get a copy of it from you..

    Another option is, if someone can tell me where to get a copy? I already contacted LITEON and NERO and they couldn't be bothered with me; though NERO offered to sell me NERO 8.0, to which I AGAIN repeated that I still use WIN98 and that 8.0 doesn't work with Win98 and I wasn't going to stop using Win98.. Damned sales people..

    And as a last ditch effort, I appeal to anyone out there who might be a Nero Guru and can tell me how to fix this dilemma? I won't stop using Win98se because surprisingly enough, it has never failed with DVD Shrink and Nero, where XP has on occasion failed for one reason or another.. Any help you can give me will be greatly appreciated.. I thank you for your time and for a site that enables me to search for this help..


    Dr. Bites (Esq.)
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