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Nero Vision Closing

Discussion in 'Nero discussion' started by Kanayda, Nov 12, 2007.

  1. Kanayda

    Kanayda Guest

    Nero Vision keeps closing on me all together when I add any video file to it. I have 7 essentials and it kept up so I tried the 8 demo and it worked twice and is now doing the same. Anyone else having similar issues or any idea how to fix this? The help would be greatly appreciated.
  2. wstcstgy3

    wstcstgy3 Member

    Oct 26, 2007
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    Yes...Have the same issues. See my thread/post labeled "Nero7 Latest update aborts", v7.10.1.0

    A) Excessive/conflicting Codecs (use G-Spot and Codec Sniper)
    B) Excessive defragmentation
    C) Additional Memory. Mine aborts w/500m; factory states it's ok.
    D) Poor quality media, DVD Flash Roms.

    1) Nero will abort in the Add Content mode if files have excessive fragmentation. However, I also can no longer burn a DVD without Nero Vision 4 aborting...Period. ( worked great for a few weeks). Will burn 1 chapter with just a few photos-see memory comment below.

    3) Reverting back to Version 6 does work (but other issues developed.)

    1) No Fix yet...Nero 6 and worked great (35 chapters, 1000 photos, 35 .mp3 songs) until ABOUT the time that Microsoft did their "Secret Update" that AUTOMATICALLY installs on your computer even if "Automatic UPDATES are turned off, and I also updated all Windows and Office products.

    2) Have had Nero Tech Support working on it for 2 months. Both free and Fee based Tech Support, they are giving up. (Lots of NeroSupport.cab files sent).

    3) Replaced HDD, "Clean" Windows XP Pro/Operating System, updated Flash roms, exchanged DVD media, removed excess driver and Codec (DirectShow) files(used Codec Sniper, G-Spot),cooling fan. Clean install "No other programs or drivers other than default Retail and OEM windows and NERO. Renamed user jpgs and subdirectories to 1-4 characters.

    You might try adding more memory...I am going to as soon as it arrives, and while I still have Nero, had to abandon it due to lack of support with no cure in sight, and bought a competitors program instead...Nero factory states Nero will work great with 500 meg with no issues.

  3. Kanayda

    Kanayda Guest

    Well it just started happening and I haven't added anything to my pc. Been using the same version of nero for about 6 months now. I've also got plenty of free space. This is just plain stupid :(.

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