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NeroVision Express 2 Problems

Discussion in 'Nero discussion' started by indignat, May 30, 2007.

  1. indignat

    indignat Guest

    Hey, ive been trying to use this to burn some mpgs onto a dvd but there are some issues that keep coming up that i would like some help on.

    One would be the fact that NVE closes after 10secs of opening it, I get a program not responding box. Sometimes it lasts for a while and times it wont even open before it shows the message. Would really like to know whats going on here...

    My 2nd problem is that I've gotten everything I need done but shorty after the trans coding process, I get an error that says
    "Unable to prepare data for recording: Transcoding of videos failed'

    I have my error file so im going to put it here, hopefully it helps:

    Well I hope somebody could help me fix these problems I'm having, and thanks for any answers in advanced.
  2. Ripper

    Ripper Active member

    Feb 20, 2006
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    There's noting in that log that can help us really identify what the problem is unless you can understand this..

    ..which I can't, as I'm not as savvy with Vision Express logs as I am with other Nero apps.

    However, you are using a very old version of Nero Recode which is now 2 version behind the latest. What I reccomend you do is upgrade to a later version. If you wish to do that, uninstall Nero, run these clean tools..
    Nero 6 Clean Tool

    Nero Vision Express clean tool

    Registry clener

    Now, reboot your PC and reinstall the latest version of Nero, which is Nero 7 and contains Nero Vision Express 4.

  3. indignat

    indignat Guest

    Alright, I'll try that then.

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