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New at this. Looking for info and possibly help.

Discussion in 'Xbox - Hardware boot discussion' started by Reb68, Jan 20, 2005.

  1. Reb68

    Reb68 Guest

    Ok. I do know I have a ver. 1.2 xbox with a phoenix mod chip. Don't know what ver., and don't know how to find out, if it matters. DOA Ultimate screwed up the boot file some how and it now loads to ths MS screen. I have downloaded Slayer, copied it in every way to a cd/rw and it will not boot. Tried it with a bios file with a dummie file and no go. Just keep getting the disc error screen. Now I'm trying to fing out how to get my modded box back. I have seen everything from soft modding, to FTP into the HDD. Nothing else seems to work. And what program do I need for my computer for FTP, and what do I need to set the settings to. I am getting the mega-x-key next week. Will I be able to FTP with it to read the HDD through the MS dash and allow me to fix or replace my default.xbe file? Thank you in advance.
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  2. jimmypant

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    Im not sure how to fix your problem, but i can help you FTP into your xbox. You can use a router a Hub or just put a wire from your NIC to your xbox (if you are using a hub or going straight from your computer you need a cross over cable) You can use a program called FlashFXP or you can just use internet explorer. Make sure your xbox is turned on and then open up internet explorer and put this in the address bar ftp://xbox:xbox@ (thats my ip. go into settings on exox to find out your ip.) if you cant use internet explorer and want to use an FTP program your user name and password are both xbox (unless you've changed it). If you arent using a router, I think you have to change some settings but im not sure. Ive always used a router. Here's a tut for using a hub http://www.xbox-scene.com/articles/hub.php Hope this helps out a bit

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