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new c2d, not overclock fiendly?

Discussion in 'PC hardware help' started by REAM, Apr 14, 2007.

  1. REAM

    REAM Guest

    i was going to buy an E6300 as the 2nd last piece of my first computer build, (8800gts last because prices would have falt in a few months) and i was going to overclock it (hopefully, with the full support from AD?) to 3.0GHz, but now i herd the new c2d are not so OC friendly?

    is this true?
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  2. marsey99

    marsey99 Regular member

    Aug 13, 2006
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    sad news isnt it. it does appear that some of the newest ones dont oc as well as the older versions yes.

    it seems that some (not all mind) are only hitting around 2.8ghz were as the earlier stepping chips were hitting 3.6ghz+

    the thing is not every one of the older revisions were great ocers too there has been reports of some bad batches thru out its production.

    hopefully just a blip but possibly a corprate decision to try and make people to pay more for the extra performance which most people are getting for free from a simple overclock.

    i got mine 6 weeks ago in the uk and its been at 3gig ever since.
  3. REAM

    REAM Guest

    mmmm :mad:


    damn it!

    words cant express my anger. well i had £120 to spend on a c2d, so hopefulyl in 6 mtohs time, an E6600 could be in my price (or a E6400)
  4. HRJustin

    HRJustin Guest

    i think the e6400 is about the best for the price and it should do everything i would need to do but i dunno about your needs. i dont know much about overclocking but i would say it would be better to overclock the e6400 instead of the e6300 either way the core 2 duo will work good :p
  5. Mort81

    Mort81 Senior member

    Jun 10, 2004
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    the E6600 is def. the best bang for the buck but for a builder on a budget that has some OC'ing experience the E4300 is a good choice. very OC'able due to it's 800 fsb. they can be OC'ed to 3.0ghz fairly easily. ask marsey99.
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