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new to audio need help

Discussion in 'Audio' started by lesliesla, Dec 1, 2004.

  1. lesliesla

    lesliesla Guest

    This is going to sound dumb to experts but here goes:I am converting audio books on tape to wav files to burn on cd and burning with Nero burning rom using cd audio format. I can fit 1 tape 65 minutes on one cd using this concept and it works fine in my cd player. I thought that I could compress the wav file to mp4 or other compressed format and store more data on the cd but giving nero 2 mp4 files of 26000 bytes still only stores 65 minutes on the cd using audio cd format. Can I use another audio type in nero to be able to store more recorded minutes on cd and still be able to play on my car cd player or other cd players. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Les

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  2. djscoop

    djscoop Active member

    Feb 6, 2003
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    audio CDs can only hold a maximum of 74 or 80 minutes, no matter what format they were in. When nero burns the files to an audio CD, the wav, mp3, mp4, or whatever is converted to CDA format which is read by standard audio CD players. The only way to store more would be to encode them as mp3s, then burn them as an mp3 data disc, which can hold hours of audio, but can only be played on mp3 compatible players. If you plan on using regular audio CD players, 80 minutes is the maximum that can be stored. They do make 90 and 99 minute CD-Rs, so you could look into that, but they only work with certain burners, and not all audio CD players can read them.
  3. lesliesla

    lesliesla Guest

    Thanks for the response....

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