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Discussion in 'Xbox - Software discussion' started by sean666, Nov 15, 2010.

  1. sean666

    sean666 Member

    Oct 12, 2010
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    hi i just got my xbox back today and with a new duo x2 modchip which came pree flashed and had xbmc installed as a softmod

    i found that if i go into dashboards in xbmc and then click load default flash i get back to the microsoft dashboard which is good and exsactly what i wanted however im wondering why when i turn on the xbox using the eject button i get error 05

    im wondering how do i get it to load the microsoft dashboard when i press eject to turn the console on and leave it loading xbmc when i press power

    i found my duo x2 had evolution m8 137+ and my xbox is a 1.6 or 1.6b i think

    but yea to be able to get it to load the microsoft dash when i press eject instead of error 5 would rule i have a backup of the eeprom btw
  2. remorsed

    remorsed Member

    Nov 30, 2010
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    well first answer me this

    1.Solid Red, indicates system is overheated or possible hardware failure.
    2.Flashing Green, bad bios load.
    3.Flashing Red-Orange, bad video output, could be damaged hardware.
    4.Flashing Red-Green, The MCPX chip is overheating or damaged. If the problem is intermittent, try placing a heatsink on the MCPX and cleaning out your Xbox (Note: the MCPX chip is the one with the nvidia logo on it.
    5.Flashing Orange, if you've modded it may be a solder splash or damaged trace also overheating.
    6.Flashing Orange-Green, no Audio/Video pack installed. check the cable for proper installation, if using the High definition pack revert to the standard cable.
    7.Solid Green with no audio or video, this is probably a problem with audio settings. try to reboot your Xbox with a standard A/V cable instead of the High Definition A/V cable.
    8.Xbox boots three times and displays a flashing Red-Green usually means your mod chip is installed incorrectly

    which of these applied and error code 5 is a kernal issue so change the kernal it may work
  3. ps355528

    ps355528 Regular member

    Aug 17, 2010
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    rubbish .. error5 means drive is unlocked thats all .. so go into the chip dash and lock it.. a softmod won't boot with the drive unlocked at all.. so e5 can ONLY happen on on a box which somebody has tried to mod.. has succeeded after a fashion and then left the drive unlocked and rebooted.
    If it will boot a modded dash but goes e5 on the M$ dash it's either chipped or has a tsop flash.. simple.

    as for that silly "guess" at the flash codes.. what rot..

    flashing green.. drive hunting.. dvd or hdd error usually caused by drives, ide cable or ide controller failure

    red-green .. any basic software problem.. usually e16 or 21

    solid green with no a/v output .. broken bios.. chip or flash tsop.. or on 1.1 change a couple of mobo solder points to try different bank

    solid red .. corrupt eeprom.. usually caused by config magic

    flashing red.. hardware failure.. system fails to post.

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