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New to XBox Online......Help!!!!!

Discussion in 'Xbox - General discussion' started by DreadMe, Apr 2, 2004.

  1. DreadMe

    DreadMe Guest

    Okay, I just got the online kit for my son.
    After having setup and used PSX2 online, the XBox is a freakin nightmare.
    I had to enter my life story into it.
    After setting up, I find out that you cannot have 2 id's entered. I mean w/ the pSX2 both my kids ahve a file so they can play any game, the XBox only allows you to use one gametag? Both kids have to use 1 tag for all the games?
    Okay so I set him up with the MechAssault game. Goes along fine. He plays. No problem.
    Later he rents Desert Storm2. I cannot get the online game to work.
    Do I need to enter all my info in again?
    When I tried that route, it told me that the subscription was already in use. No kidding!! I eneterd it before.
    What gives here. Is there a knack to getting this to respond?
    Do I need to keep entering info each time I want to play a diff game?
    Is my sub only good for 1 game?
    Help, I'm a dad who's more adept on the playing field than on the gaming field
  2. MikeDDR

    MikeDDR Regular member

    Oct 22, 2003
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    Yeah you can only have one gamer tag per account so if ever you want another tag you have to pay for it (I know it sucks).

    For the different games there shouldn't be a problem and infos transfers themselves from games to games. I'd reccomend you try with an other Xbox Live game because maybe there was a problem with that one.

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