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New versions of Chrome & Steel out.

Discussion in 'High resolution audio' started by wilkes, Dec 3, 2003.

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    May 31, 2003
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    As some of you will already know, Minnetonka have been updating their DVDA Authoring tools. Steel 2 has been available for a while now, but the real news is Chrome's upcoming version 2. details at www.discwelder.com/news, but basically the main thing is Automatic mirroring for Video_TS. This means that you can assemble your usual DVD-Audio set, and then create a Dolby Digital version that will ensure playback even on systems & players that are not DVDA capable. Also possible is the option to trigger a video in the VTS section from a high resolution file in the ATS, as well as the ability to merge Surround & Stereo mixes into the same file, eliminating the use of downmixing as you will be able to include a dedicated stereo mix. Nice.
    The final major change is you will be able to take DSD files, and convert them to DVDA at 24/48 surround, or 24/96 stereo. Whether or not it means we will be able to take the SACD of DSOTM and rip it to DVDA remains to be sen, but is admittedly unlikely.
    This update looks superb, as DVD-A/V discs mean the same content on both DVDV & DVDA, including stills & menus, without all the stress & hassle of abstraction layer applications getting in the way. Top marks methinks.

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