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Newbie needs HELP - Analog vhs to DVD Capture Failure

Discussion in 'Video capturing from analog sources' started by jim1953, Jan 26, 2005.

  1. jim1953

    jim1953 Guest

    Hi everyone,
    Firstly I must say that I'm a Total Newbie to DVD.
    I got the bug just before Christmas.. I can copy/burn DVD to DVD with no problems.. my next project was/is to pull all my films etc from analog vhs to dvd. So I purchased VideOh Kit from Adaptec - read all the info (and purchased S-Video Lead that is not included in the kit). I followed the instructions to the letter and booted up the capture program - Nothing - just a blank splash screen with a small logo bouncing around.. then a promt telling me no link.
    OK the fool that I am I went out and purchased "AverMedia" AverDVD EZMaker USB2.0. this time I hooked up my Sony Digital Video Camera to the gadget..(forgot to say that the VideOh could not detect my camera either)this also could not pick up my camera - nor could it pick up my vcr.
    I know it has to be something I'm doing/not doing...but it beats me.. Anyone please show me my error... thanks in advance
  2. Minion

    Minion Senior member

    Sep 28, 2003
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    UM...If you have a Digital DV Camcorder then you do NOT need a Capture device...All you need is a Firewire Port on your PC and you can transfer the Video to your PC Losslessly useing the Firewire Output on the Camcorder...If your Camcorder doesn"t have a Firewire Output then it is Not a "Digital" camcorder....

    If your DV Camcorder has an analogue Input then you can then use the Camcorder to transfer VHS to your PC....

    Also if you are Trying to Transfer retail VHS Tapes you will Run into problems because they are Usually copy protected.....
  3. jim1953

    jim1953 Guest

    Minion thks for your reply...
    Firstly - yes I have a Sony Digital 8 Handycam - that I still have not figured out how to transfer my recordings to my pc. I installed the software. I can edit(sharpen image etc) but unable to burn the recording to dvd.. no signal.Connections supplied with camera - USB 2.0 cable
    Plus I am unable to transfer recordings from the handycam to my vcr or even view on my television ( again I must be missing something - I have read thoroughly the user manual all that it says required is to plug the AV-lead into the camera and the red/yellow/white jack plugs into the vcr - even tried the S-Video Lead nothing ????)
    As to transfering analogue vhs recordings to dvd - these are non commercial tapes - holidays weddings etc.
    As I said I am a total Techno Newbie LMPO
  4. pfh

    pfh Guest

    Jim- did you figure out what you are doing wrong?
    Your last post states that the manual says to plug composite lines into a vcr. If thats the case, it sounds like your camera is designed to record to vhs tapes. In other words, record to a anolog device. I'm not familiar with that camera but you might have to pass the signal on to vcr then switch the vcr to aux input to display a picture. This would display picture on tv but not pc. Your pc would then have to be able to recieve this anolog signal via capture card. Am I understanding you correctly? does this make sense?
    Without some kind of capture software and or hardware on your pc then just plugging your camera into a usb port won't work.

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