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Newbie Questions

Discussion in 'DVDR' started by rick58, Sep 18, 2004.

  1. rick58

    rick58 Guest

    I've recently purchased an LG 4120B burner and have had moderate success creating copies of DVDs. Actually, I think it's my standalone Pioneer DV-525 player so I've ordered a new one, a Pioneer DV-275. I've been trying different brands of media (Memorex, Fuji, Princo, Verbatim) in both -R and +R and -RW formats. I've been using DVD Decryptor and DVD Shrink to create the copies (I'm very grateful for the guides).
    I have a few general questions.
    What's the difference between erasing and formatting a DVD-RW disc?
    Should I burn at a low speed or should I burn at the highest speed capable for the burner and media that I'm using?
    Should I make sure there are no programs running in the background when I'm burning or does that make any difference?
    Will using DVD Decryptor and DVD Shrink give me a better chance of a good copy than, say, Nero and DVD Shrink?
    Thanks for any help you can provide.
  2. adw

    adw Guest

    erasing and formating , erasing erases and formatting is (guessing)gettting ready to burn .i also never worry about other things running while burning a disk,and have had no problems .i use the two progams u mentioned dvd shrink and decoder and i highly reccommend both hope i helped u if not there r heaps of others here who can.cya
  3. lawndog

    lawndog Regular member

    Aug 10, 2004
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    on the disk I've heard Verbatim is one of the best! Although I use Fugifilm disk with no problems! Speed, depends on your burner I have an 8x burn capable BUT I havent found any 8x discs! Go figure??? Programs in the back I recommand against!! Takes away your resources and may damage quality!! I use shrink and decrytper, never had a problem!! GL with it!! LD
  4. msfoxyuk

    msfoxyuk Member

    Aug 24, 2004
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    hi im currently usin shrink n nero. acompanied with some ritek G04S, i hav tried alot of media but dese suit my soby dru 530a
  5. ddlooping

    ddlooping Active member

    Apr 29, 2003
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    Hi all. :)

    Multi-tasking while burning is not recommended. ;)

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