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Newbie Video Editing question : PAL DVD -> NTSC SVCD (with cropping)

Discussion in 'Other video questions' started by RudolphV, Jan 26, 2003.

  1. RudolphV

    RudolphV Member

    Jan 26, 2003
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    I have a large quantity of raw video footage (from a wedding) that I need to edit and compile into 45 minute long video and then transfer to NTSC SVCD. The original footage was shot using 2 different PAL Super8 handy-cams. The footage was then archived (converted) onto DVD-R using (I guess) standard MPEG2 compression. The VOB files on the DVD is not encrypted.

    Using mostly free tools, what is the best way of converting the VOB files into a format that I can use in editing software such as either "Adobe Premiere 6" or "Windows Movie Maker 2"?

    I have already started playing with DVD2AVI, VFAPI, VirtualDub and TMPGEnc, but are a bit overwhelmed with all the variables/settings/ involved.

    I do need to convert from PAL -> NTSC and also crop a number of lines from the bottom and right of each "frame" in the video stream (there are some weird artifacts in these areas).

    Any help would be apreciated.
  2. jnihil

    jnihil Moderator Staff Member

    Dec 23, 2001
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    I'd be tempted to do the following:

    1. create d2v projects ans WAV of the VOBs using DVD2AVI

    2. create pseudo AVIs via VFAPIconv

    3. You can import the AVIs and WAVs into Premiere 6. You can set the cropping under the export settings. Never really done the PAL->NTSC conversion via Premiere, but hopefully it is smart enough... Otherwise you could use TMPGEnc by using sequenced names for the video which will then be imported as one video file. You would also need to merge the WAVs into one.

    (Perhaps AVISynth is better at something like this?)


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