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NEWBY haveing hell with Error 25001 code 25032

Discussion in 'CD-R' started by Olin, Aug 30, 2003.

  1. Olin

    Olin Guest

    I can't download the Daemon 3.33 or Alcohol 120% someone help me fix this, I want to burn some CD+G and some movie's BUT I need some help getting the software to download, Here is what it says: Error 25001 setup device error code:25032 contact your support personal, Okay how do I fix this who hand how do I contact them "HELP".
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  2. Shoey

    Shoey Guest

    What file format are you trying to burn m8? (iso, bin& cue) What burning application are you presently using?
    Daemon Tools download.

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  3. Olin

    Olin Guest

    Now you lost me,have no Idea what you just said,But I'll bite,I think the answer to that is Bin I used Golden Hawk "CDRWIN" to turn CD+G into Bin,but I have to have DAEMON tools 3.33 to burn them to CD,I have nero burning rom 6 but it wont do a custom layout as like takeing one song off of about 20 different cdg and makeing 1 custom cdg,hope that answered your question ? Lets see I down loaded Alcohol 120% but now it says DSOUND.DLL file not found,and another file not found at start up DDRAW.DLL I found it on the internet and downloaded it to a zip file Okay I have no idea how to install it. my computer says the DLL's are already there when I go to Search for files and folders it pops up there ? anyway were I'm getting the error message 25001 device setup 25032 is when I'm trying to download the program Daemon tools 3.33 I'm useing Windows me on a computer that is about 5 years old, Plus I'm new at all this DLL file stuff.So walk me through it step by step I'm thinking in my wharped and tweasted mind these DLL files have something to do with the error message I'm getting but since I'm new I can't say for sure, So help me. I'm not looseing my hair cuz it's falling out, "NO"IM PULLING IT OUT.

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