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No Adio when I Generate a DVD using TMPGEnc DVD Author

Discussion in 'MPEG-1 and MPEG-2 encoding (AVI to DVD)' started by ricardoe, Apr 18, 2005.

  1. ricardoe

    ricardoe Guest

    I run TMPGEnc program to convert from .avi DivX to MPEG-1 format. TMPGEnc generates two files. One MPEG Movie file and another Windows Audio file. Then I use TMPGEnc DVD Author to covert from MPEG-1 format to DVD format. TMPGEnc DVD Autor generate one empty AUDIO_TS and one VIDEO_TS folder. When I run the DVD VIDEO_TS folder files using Power DVD, I see the movie but I don't hear the audio. Why?
    Why my AUDIO_TS is empty. Can I hear the audio if I burn the files from the VIDEO_TS? How can I play the DVD and burn it so I can see the movie and audio?
  2. andmerr

    andmerr Guest

    the audio _ts folder will always be empty.Dont worry about it.

    Maybe change your program to vso divx to dvd.You will bypass the mpeg 1 conversion and end up with a dvd movie file (which is mpeg 2 compatible)also it should also reduce the time you spend converting.Once you have that dvd movie file just use [bold]add dvd movie function [/bold] and then go and add the menus etc follow the other prompts and you should have your project done shortly
  3. ricardoe

    ricardoe Guest

    hummm I'm very confused. When I use TMPGEnc Plus wizard I select +DVD, then NTSC, CRB MPEG-1 Layer II Audio (MP2, NEXT button, Browse button to select the file.avi (Divx) in the Video File field, then the same file.avi in the Audio File field, Video type Interlace, Aspect ratiio 1:1(VGA), Content of Video: Video Movie, Next button, Next button, Next button, then change the folder of the Output file, deselect the Output video and audio as individual elementary streams check box and press the OK button. Then the program initiate the encoding of two files, one .mpeg video and 2nd a the audio file. Then I use TMPGEnc DVD Author create the VIDEO_TS folder an their files. Then I use Power DVD to see the movie and I see the video but not the audio.

    I always select DVD. I always select audio file. :(
  4. andmerr

    andmerr Guest

    your using tmpgenc encoder arent you not tmpgenc dvd author.Two different programs made by the same company
  5. ricardoe

    ricardoe Guest

    True, I'm using two different programs from the same company, because I need to convert an .avi file to DVD files. My .avi is Divx internally. Converting .avi to DVD directly using TMPGEnc Author is not posible because that program does not read Divx. For that reason I use TMPGEnc plus first to encode the Divx into an MPEG video and audio. Then I used TMPGEnc Author to read the video and audio files in MPEG format and convert it to DVD files (VOB files). The problem is that at the end, when I play the VOB files I see the video but not the audio.

    If I try to add my .avi file to TMPGEnc Author directly, I receive the following message:

    For DVD-Video you can only use the following video formats:
    MPEG-1 Video, MPEG-2 Video
    TMPGEnc DVD Author does NOT have MPEG encoding abilities.
    AVI format(*.avi),RealMedia format(*.rm),WindowsMediaFile format(*.wmv, *.asf),etc. can only be used after they have been encoded to MPEG-1 or MPEG-2 format.
    Users of TMPGEnc DVD Source Creator or TMPGEnc can create MPEG files based on the DVD standard by using the DVD template in Project Wizard.
    (To encode in different formats requires the various codecs.)

    What I need? A new codec? A new encoding progrman? A new converting program? or may be I'm not used propertly the TMPGEnc programs.
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  6. andmerr

    andmerr Guest

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  7. ricardoe

    ricardoe Guest

    Thank you andmerr. Finally I create my DVD with audio and video with your recomendations and the link. Thank you again. :)
  8. andmerr

    andmerr Guest

    My friend you are more than welcome.

    Happy burning


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