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Problem No DTS playback on Samsung UN65NU7300 (2018 Curve)

Discussion in 'Audio' started by kuahara, Nov 1, 2019.

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  1. kuahara

    kuahara Newbie

    Nov 1, 2019
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    So I did two things recently.

    1) I moved. This is contributing some frustration because at my last house, I had everything wired up exactly the way I wanted. I had a patch panel in the office and one in the living room at the opposite side of the house and physically connecting media players such as the PS3 and other devices to the network was easy. In the new place, I have not had this done yet. It will come in the future. For now, I'm stuck with everything on wifi.

    2) I bought the TV you see in the title and made the incredibly frustrating mistake of not rechecking the specs to see if anything important to me had been taken away. Unfortunately, it turns out that Samsung lost the required license to read and play back Dolby DTS. This was a very big deal to me. Over the years, I have saved copies of my movies (I hate discs) on the PC and usually toss the discs. If it is a movie I really enjoy, the only audio I keep is DTS.

    So right now, I have a wifi connected TV in the living room. It's connected to a Sony receiver and a Bose surround sound system that I like. The receiver has no USB input. Netflix running on the TV is fine. It returns audio to the receiver and plays where I want it to. If I want to watch something I own, however, I have to move it to an external drive and connect that to the TV. All the stuff I like is DTS audio and the damn TV tells me that audio type is not supported.

    Is there a way to flash the TV to force DTS support? Does anyone have another suggestion for DTS playback in the living room that doesn't involve me connecting the device to my network before I can get someone in to run the cable? This is a rental property. I may not stay in it next year. I haven't decided.
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