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no sound from virtualdub capture

Discussion in 'Video capturing from analog sources' started by ubamous, Apr 16, 2004.

  1. ubamous

    ubamous Guest

    hi, i have an ati aiw 9600 pro card; i used to be able to capture avi with virtualdub and mpeg2 with ATI MMC fine before my HD crashed; now with the new HD, i can't seem to get the virtualdub capture to have sound; if i capture mpeg2 with MMC, the sound is ok, but when i capture with virtualdub, i get sound during the capture mode, but when i open the files up afterwards to encode, there's no sound; i dont know what the problem is

    also, i notice that virtualdub doesnt seem to remember the setting; i specifically chose cd quality for sound, but when i close that window and reopen it, it goes back to unknown pcm type; i wonder if it's the ati driver or what

    please help

    thank u
  2. ubamous

    ubamous Guest

    never mind;i got it sorted out; it's in the window mixers option; for some reason, line in wasn't selected; that's why

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