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No Sound in encoding!

Discussion in 'DivX / XviD' started by samwar, Jan 6, 2004.

  1. samwar

    samwar Guest

    Sorry guys, this may have been bought up b4 but could someone help. When I follow the fantastic guides here. If I do manage to encode the video correctly, there never seems to be any audio. Mainly when using things like vitual dub. The encoding window that comes up tells me the current video frame but there never seems to be any audio. I have also just tried Gordian Knot and the encoding window says Audio 1 Disabled you provbably want to add this track later. I have tried all the steps in the guides and I get the same result every time!!
  2. Kingd

    Kingd Guest

    In gordian knot, you have to add the audio file. I forget which tab it is, i think its the bitrate tab, at the lower left there is a place to add files. Audio A, B and extra files like subtitles. You have to click on the audio A and select the mp3 file, or ac3 file that contains your audio. Thats assuming you used robot4rip to rip and demux the audio and video from the dvd.

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