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Nokia 3200

Discussion in 'Nokia - Unlocking' started by ralphy43, Apr 9, 2005.

  1. ralphy43

    ralphy43 Guest

    can i get a cable to connect from my phone pc to download software to my phone if so what do i need? any help gratefully acepted
  2. jpp01uk

    jpp01uk Regular member

    Apr 7, 2005
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    Hope this helps

    Your PC must support at least one of your phone's connection types:

    Infrared (IrDA)
    Nokia Connectivity Adapter Cable CA-42
    Nokia Connectivity Adapter Cable DKU-5

    I use the DKU cable for my 7610 and it works like a treat, but you do need a piece of software on your system to use it, I use Nokias own.

    Go to www.argos.com and have a look at this item, this is what you would need, but get it from elsewhere because its expensive.

    Nokia USB Data Suite

    Hope this helps!

  3. carmen

    carmen Member

    Dec 23, 2002
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    what type of programs are u putting on you 3200?
  4. sasha1303

    sasha1303 Guest

    yeh u gotta get like a USB infered and u can transfer stuff to and form ur fone , but the best program i think to use is nokia PC suite , u can even make true tones from songs but there about 98 kb and take up alot of space whilist u must have like pictures of u and ur friends or somthin and some sort of ringtones so im not saying u can make all ur songs into 1 mobile whileist the noikia 3200 onli has 1.1mb memory , tho i think u can upgrade that on som websites but i heard u gotta format ur fone if u wanna , but also nokia PC suite can also backup ur fone (contacts , pics etc. well pretty much evrything) and if u dont have rintones but u want some mid ringtones goto www.ringtonenation.com and they hav alot of free ringtones.

    Hope this helps

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