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Nokia 6230 Unlock Codes Please

Discussion in 'Nokia - Unlocking' started by PopeyeDee, Nov 30, 2007.

  1. PopeyeDee

    PopeyeDee Guest

    Phone: Nokia 6230
    IMEI: 356238002444244
    Network - TMobile (UK)

    Thanks in advance.
  2. JoeGons

    JoeGons Active member

    Apr 16, 2006
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    [bold] #pw+258545275657257+7# [/bold]

    Your code:Try this ONCE and ONCE only.
    Remember,you only get 3 to 5 tries.
    [bold]If you enter the same code two times,[/bold]
    that is [bold]two tries.[/bold]
    To enter code:
    Make sure battery is charged.
    Put in a SIM from a new Network.
    A new one or one with NO security PINs enabled.
    Power on.
    Select UNDO with NEW SIM in phone.
    Press the # key.
    then press the "star" key (*)
    quickly to get the P and W and +

    Press * 3 times quickly for (p) \
    Press * 4 times quickly for (w) IMPORTANT
    Press * 2 times quickly for (+) /
    and the rest of the code---
    Begin with # and end with #.
    No spaces.
    Select OK

    "Phone restrictions off", it's unlocked.
    "Error code" wrong code. STOP tell me.
    "Not allowed" or "Can Not Undo Restriction"
    it is hard locked.
    Used up all your free tries!!

    If it does not work, tell me: What happened?
    What message you got.
    What codes you tried.
    Above all, answer.
  3. aftabs

    aftabs Member

    Nov 30, 2007
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    NOKIA 5070
    Ntwork Virgin
    IMEI 357698011997640
    Country Australia

    Need unlock code
  4. JoeGons

    JoeGons Active member

    Apr 16, 2006
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    [bold] aftabs [/bold]

    New requests:

    [bold]Do it by the Forum rules.[/bold]
    Please start your own new Thread (New Topic).
    First it makes it more visible.
    Posting on someone else's thread can result in
    us giving you the wrong code or you or the other
    people using the thread getting the wrong code.
    It makes it more difficult for us because we
    must scroll up (to the reply window) and down
    the thread when replying to a post at the bottom
    of the thread.

    Please supply this information in this format:[/bold]

    Type in these numbers or look under the battery to get the information.

    IMEI: *#06# ,
    Firmware Version: *#0000# .

    Nokia: (Model)
    IMEI:############### [bold](No spaces, no slashes)[/bold]
    Network: (The Network the phone is locked to)
    Country: (The Country the above Network is in)

    [bold]Also any codes tried.[/bold]


    Thank you
    Last edited: Nov 30, 2007

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