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Nokia 6233 wont turn on but i need it on until its repaired please!

Discussion in 'Nokia phones' started by billybob, May 22, 2007.

  1. billybob

    billybob Regular member

    Jan 30, 2006
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    Hey everyone.
    last week i tried to change profile and found my on/off button didnt work. It didnt...."click" like it should. I think the on-off switch has fell off the circuit board or something, its just totally disconnected from the rest.
    Anyways, it ran out of battery a few days ago and i totally forgot about how id turn it back on. I managed to turn it on in some fluke way, because i took the battery out and when i pu tit back in, somehow the phone turned on. Since then whenever ive needed to turn it off and on again, ive set the alarm for a few minutes after, took the battery out, put it back in, and then when the alarm goes off it gives u an option to turn the phone back on.

    Anyways, i cant take it in for repair for a few days, but until then i really neeed to get it on. Is there anyway i can turn it on without the on button working (how dumb does that sound!!).

    Worth a shot though, otherwise im screwed for a few days....any help appreciated, thanks.

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