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nokia 6610 update and other

Discussion in 'Nokia - Unlocking' started by sasha1303, Apr 24, 2005.

  1. sasha1303

    sasha1303 Guest

    i need to update my nokia 6610 due to GPRS and WAP reasons , i got an infrred usb reader so i can send stuff 2 and from my fone via infared . but i wanna download the Update from a website and not pay my foen company to update it cuase they actualy need it for like 3 days , and yes i know they can transfer it thru a wire or somthin but vodafone charges me i think . so does any1 knwo a site were i can download the nokia update , i can go on sites thru my fone and download stuff to my fone thru sites but i would like it better if some1 could give me a site i can acces thru internet explorer and transfer to my fone.

    The other thing i wanna know is were i can download ringtones and games from the internet and tansfer thry via infered.

    Please Help :)
  2. sasha1303

    sasha1303 Guest

    OOPs sorry i ment 3200 lol , my old fone was 6610 lol let me make a new thread

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