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nooby m3 ds simply + pokemon questions

Discussion in 'Nintendo DS' started by Sharpy321, Feb 8, 2008.

  1. Sharpy321

    Sharpy321 Guest

    as the title suggests i have a m3 ds simply and am having problems with pokemon rom's (the one being used is diamond.)

    Although the games do run smoothly the save feature is not working quite.

    I can save no problem and after saving can still explore and all the rest but when i turn off the ds then turn back on then load the game etc to the 'main menu' of continue/newgame/options, i select continue then the screen fades to black and the green power button flashes with 2 flashes pause then 2 flashes.


    (if the - were flashes and the '.' were pauses.)

    i have upgraded the firmware to 1.10 using the ms simply guide link on this forum

    I have zero idea what the problem may be.

    EDIT: also im using a rom found on the internet, i do own the game but wish to open up a new save solely for playing the story again compared to keeping the old one for the teams i have developed etc. i am not bothered about wifi/trading features, solely being able to save is my objective.

    although i think using roms other than extracting the one on a ds game that i bought is illegal the fact i own the game technically covers this in court thus no squeaky bum time for me in the showers.

    and thanks in advance

    i have searched i fair way down the threads but have found no thread simular to this.

    I do not mind if Pearl or Diamond is the solution.

    EDIT EDIT: Lastly im using a European/United Kingdom/English DS with i'm assuming an english european...m3 ds simply
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  2. Oxadillia

    Oxadillia Guest

    My guess is a bad rom.

    Try and find another backup off a reliable source and try again.
  3. Sharpy321

    Sharpy321 Guest

    yes after doing that i downloaded a rom with the (E) at the end ie european and it worked

    does anyone else find that when they explain a problem they figure out the solution almost immediatly

  4. snorlax22

    snorlax22 Regular member

    Aug 27, 2007
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    Yes. I think what happens is that writing the problem down or typing it up clearly enough to explain it to someone else so they can understand it helps you think about it and ends up kick starting your ability to see the answer. Seems to happen all the time. Has happended to me.


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