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Norton Internet Security 2006: Security Basic Problem

Discussion in 'Windows - Software discussion' started by randall10, Dec 27, 2005.

  1. randall10

    randall10 Guest

    Ive just installed Norton Internet Security 2006 and i have a prob with Security Basic the small new thing that's in the Task Bar. The problem is that i never turn on my Windows Automatic Updated causes it keeps filling up ur hard disk with unnecessary stuff and because of that the Protection Status in the task bar shows Urgent attention (that is with a red cross). Now because of this i wouldnt know when my Virus Definitions are out of date or its just that my Windows Auto Update is off.and it looks pretty ugly too.
    So if anyone could tell me how i can ignore the Auto Update Notifaction i would appreciate it.
  2. SypherTek

    SypherTek Guest

    automatic updates arent there for no reason you know they help to protect from security vulnerabilities with the operating system and can be pretty essential.

    if its the windows notification that you want to get rid of, go to control panel and open the windows security center. in the box on the left that says "resources" go to "change the way security centre alerts me" this brings up a box with 3 check boxes 1 for firewall, 1 for updates and the other for virus scanners. uncheck the ones you dont want to know about and they wont bother you again
  3. johnodd4

    johnodd4 Guest

    also be carefull alot of virus scanners require you to have suto updates installed
  4. randall10

    randall10 Guest

    Yes iam aware of that SypherTek iv had XP running for 3 year now without Auto updates on and had no problems so i dont see why i would need them now.
    Anyway i know about Security center in control panel, the problem is that the option is disabled after i installed Norton Internet secutity 2006. i even disabled it in the mmc GPO still norton some how allows the update.

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