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norton internet security 2006

Discussion in 'Windows - Virus and spyware problems' started by gtafanboy, Jan 27, 2008.

  1. gtafanboy

    gtafanboy Member

    Dec 2, 2007
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    how do i allow a port? i see i can allow programs, but how would i allow a port?
  2. QuikDraw

    QuikDraw Regular member

    Sep 29, 2007
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    Maybe something here will help, if not let us know what other reason you may have for opening a port. Program name etc.

    Firewall and Security Settings

    This may be a problem with the permissions set for your internet port numbers. Below are instructions to alter your settings in Zone Alarm, McAfee Security Center, Norton Firewall and Norton Internet Security. Please consult your own firewall's manual for information on changing port settings for your particular firewall.

    Zone Alarm
    Open Zone Alarm
    In the menu on the left click 'Privacy'
    Go to the 'Site List' tab
    In the list of sites find 'web3.penpage.co.uk'
    Click on the red cross in the cookie control section
    In the menu that appears click 'allow'
    Close Zone Alarm
    You should now be able to access WLR.

    McAfee Security Center
    Open your McAfee Security Center
    Go to the 'privacy service' tab
    Click 'configure privacy service options'
    Go to the 'cookies' tab
    In the bar provided type: web1.penpage.co.uk
    Click 'add'
    Repeat this process typing:
    Close McAfee Security Center
    You should now be able to access the site.

    Norton Firewall
    Open Norton Firewall
    Click on 'Options' tab
    Click on 'Firewall' tab
    In the list of HTTP ports highlight 80 and click Remove
    Click Ok
    Now try logging back onto the site.

    Norton Internet Security
    Open NIS
    Click on Options menu
    Click on 'Norton Internet Securities'
    Go to the 'Firewall' tab
    In the list of HTTP ports highlight 80 and click Remove
    Click Ok
    Now try logging back onto the site.

    What is Port 80?
    The list of 'ports' in your firewall are a list of internet connection ports that are 'blocked'. Port 80 is named as being a HTTP port, and defines the way web browsers communicate (client outgoing requests and incoming host reactions) with host servers on the WWW.

    Your firewall settings automatically block all ports on setting up. Port 80 is the most commonly used port for websites where interaction is needed between your computer and the web site's server. Most web sites with any amount of interaction need port 80 to be open.

    We have found no evidence that removing this particular port creates danger when you have the rest of your security system set up.

    You can find out more about ports by searching for 'port' in your firewall's help section.

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  3. echoreply

    echoreply Regular member

    Nov 9, 2007
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    we are talking about a firewall correct, norton firewall? a port just maps network information to a process. ports can be in a open state, in use or closed state, not in use.
    a port that is open would have a application listening on it, it could be your web browser a e-mail client, a p2p app, or in the case of malware a trojan. when you allow programs etc access to the network they will be using a port, allowing the program will allow the port. maybe you are trying to do port forwarding behind a router? if so your best bet would be the routers manual or website and also the norton website for info about the firewall itself.

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