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Notebook DVD error message "no decoder"

Discussion in 'DVD-ROM drives' started by jlc0307, Nov 30, 2004.

  1. jlc0307

    jlc0307 Guest

    I have a four year old IBM thinkpad A21m, type 2628, windows 2000, Mashita DVD-ROM SR 8175, DVD play driver.

    The drive reads CD's fine but when I put in a DVD, I always get a message saying "drive is not able to read DVD - no decoder". This is the original drive but I have never tried to use a DVD before.

    I went to the IBM website and downloaded an upgraded driver (Metormedia), but I got a message saying that that drive is not on my computer.

    Can you help me locate and download a "decoder" ?

    Thanks for any assistance.
  2. daemonzx6

    daemonzx6 Regular member

    Jun 29, 2004
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    that could mean that the drive has no firmware decoder for DVDs. I would try to flash the firmware to the newest version.

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