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Nuked Xbox?

Discussion in 'Xbox - Hardware mods' started by Wylee, Jun 5, 2007.

  1. Wylee

    Wylee Guest

    Ok heres a good project for all u xbox pros out there.

    MS dash gone
    IDE cable (from an old pc, and now i get ide cable error code)
    Christmas lights
    I think the entire C drive has been formated
    Entire E drive formated
    No backup (including eeprom)
    Cannot set time, yes the clock battery thing died
    No screen when boots up
    Cannot open dvd drive
    The Story (prolly dont need to read this but itsa fun story..i like to believe imma good stpry teller :p:
    I figure out how to mod my xbox and decided to mod a frend of mines, i read somewhere that using the program called AID is for noobs and it screws up ur box, so i used SID ( and becuase its called SOFTMOD installer deluxe which was what i was doing). MY friend decided to get clever and get xbmc on in a AID package, write to cd and load it up and install it on our xbox. I opend his xbox to see what kind of hard drive he had, and he had the 10 gig while me and the rest of my frends had 8 gigs, but his E partition seemed to be smaller then us, so what he wanted to do was to reformat E and C and then just install the dash adn XBMC and hopefully have more room on his E partition. Right after formatting he rebooted for some dum ass reason. Then, blank screen, we tried poppin the cd back in, didnt work, so we put a game in, that worked, i read that if u use a newer game u can update the dash, so we pressed "go to xbox live" thinkin that wud update dash, but there IS no dash for us to go to to get on xbox live. So we decided to leave the box at my house since im the modder of the group :)...but he took his power cord with him like an idiot. Now the clock battery is dead and we cant play games on it anymore. The day after that i tiredd to boot his xbox and it wasnt making the usual sounds, it sounded more dead. SO i left it. Then i tried to connect a cd drive to MY xbox the following day and realized i broke the ide cable while tryin to do that, so i took the IDE cable from an old pc and put it in mine..didnt work so i took his and put the old pc 1 in his xbox. SO now i have a working IDE cable taken from the broked Xbox. And thats the story. hope u enjoyed..if u actualy read it, cuz i had fun typing it...(Yes i find typing fun)

    SO? what do to ? thanx
  2. chunkhead

    chunkhead Regular member

    Oct 20, 2006
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    If it loads games it can be softmodded! If you can get to the Softmod screen you can FTP from there. Re-install the Dashboard and continue with the install!
  3. mjfouline

    mjfouline Guest

    well if what he said dont workt hen try a hotswap wit the hdd
    then u could replace the orig ms dash
  4. Wylee

    Wylee Guest

    ight well no, it doesent load games, but that WUD be a smart thing to do chunkhead, and im not gunna risk hotsawp cuz this is a new comp (only comp) and i dont wanna risk anything at all, even opening it up is a risk for me. anything esle i can do?
  5. cakes227

    cakes227 Guest

    you cant fix it without puting ur drive in a computer you can either hotswap(which doesnt realy risk anything) or you can get the eeprom with an eeprom reader but u will have to still put the drive in ur pc to re-format it.
  6. Wylee

    Wylee Guest

    alright so no matter what im guna have to put the xbox hdd in my pc in order to fix it
  7. cakes227

    cakes227 Guest

  8. Wylee

    Wylee Guest

    ok, HAAHAHAHA sucks for my frend...i kinda feel bad :( but he has 360 so who cares

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