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nzb search tips

Discussion in 'Usenet newsgroups - Help, how-tos and discussion' started by grkblood, Nov 17, 2009.

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    May 29, 2007
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    I noticed this wasn't in the tutorial and I didn't think it would be either. Regardless, this is crucial when searching your favorite search engine whether it be newzleech.com or binsearch.info

    1) Know your host's retention span.

    When searching for whatever it is that you are searching for take notice of the age of the file in question. If the date of the file is older than alloted time your host gives for a retention period your download will not work.

    For example lets you use the fake site newsholder.com to download from. If newsholder only has a retention span of 100 days and the file you want is 110 days old you will not be able to download then file.

    2) Only download files that begin with a group/scene name leading the title.

    Within the past few months there have been an influx in files hosted on usenet that will ultimately require you to go to some worm infested site and sign up to acquire a password to unlock some rar file you downloaded.

    Look for stuff like this in the title, if you dont therea a 95% chance your file will be PW protected.

    <scenegrouphere> FILE TITLE nameoffile yEnc

    FILE TITLE nameoffile yEnc

    3) Check the file size

    common sense will help you in this area.

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