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ok, heres my new question

Discussion in 'CD-R' started by fishio, Mar 24, 2003.

  1. fishio

    fishio Guest

    i have used clone cd to make a backup of generals, my mate lent it and installed it on his comp, it installed ok but then he tried to run it and it came up re-insert disk.

    i do not wish to make illegal copies but i hate lending originals out ( i also backup dvd's for the same reason)

    can sumone suggest a program that works, i have read so much and can make sense of it!!!

    thanks james
  2. Shoey

    Shoey Guest

    C&C Generals is Safedisc 2.8.x cd protected. Many people here at this forum are having troubles making a backup of this game. I've recommended Alchol 120%, BlindWrite Suite 4.25, and CloneCD to make a backup but the backup fails. The reason here is those backing up this game have a burner that "writes regular bit patterns ALMOST correcty". These burners are referred to by CloneCD as "1 sheep burners". Burners that "write regular bit patterns correctly"(2 sheep cdrw's) can successfully make backups of Safedisc 2.8.x. I'm in the process of testing an LG 24x cdrw ( 1 sheep burner) and will post my results at a later time. Please post the name brand and model of your burner for me to further assist you.

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  3. fishio

    fishio Guest


    my burner is a teac CD-W548E

    thanks shoey
  4. Shoey

    Shoey Guest

  5. fishio

    fishio Guest

    hi shoey

    yeah its abrand new machine, i used to be heavily into computers but came to uni and didnt bother, i thought u could just copy nethin, ive had loads of fun and games with backing up dvd's

  6. Racemann

    Racemann Regular member

    Jul 21, 2002
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    I'm having problems backing up Need For Speed Hot Pursuit 2. I believe it's also SafeDisc 2.8x as well.

    My problem is that I commit them to CDRW first before CDR's to test them out. Once it did work, after I try to replicate the process it didn't. Go figure.

    The burner I'm using is a LiteON 52/24/52 [2 sheep] and the game drive is a LG 48/24/48/16 [2 sheep].

    I'll experiment a bit with CDR's and let you know.

    So far, Alcohol 120% didn't work and I think CloneCD worked once.
  7. fishio

    fishio Guest

    do u recommend alocohol then?
  8. Shoey

    Shoey Guest

    Alcohol 120% or BlindWrite 4.25. Alcohol 120& will read the image much faster than BlindWrite Suite 4.25. Be sure to chose the Safedisc 2.0 profile when reading and writing the protected cd. I think it's disc 2 that has the cd protection on it. Use ClonyXXL to scan both discs. The disc that has no Safedisc cd protection on it, you can do a "on the fly" copy. You can also use a tool called Safedisc Analyzer to determine what version of Safedisc is on the cd. Install the game, then open Safedisc Analyzer and locate the game exe.

    Safedisc Analyzer:http://aws-function.itsplace.de/deutsch/tools/sd-analyser_download.html


  9. fishio

    fishio Guest

    ok, ill get alcohol from afterdawn and give it a try, when u have made a backup with alcohol do u need emulators or other software to run the game from it?
  10. Shoey

    Shoey Guest

    You shouldn't need emulation because the Teac CD-W548E is a "2 sheep burner". After you backup the game(s), be sure to exit Alcohol 120% running in system tray (startup) and play the backups in your Teac.

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  11. fishio

    fishio Guest

    thanks schuey

    its just that the backups i made with clone cd required me to hide cd-r media before they would work

    and it annoys me cause i dont normally run background programs

    i will give alcohol a try and let u know how i get on
  12. Shoey

    Shoey Guest

    When dealing with Safedisc 2.8.x, using CloneCD with a "2 sheep burner" is a hit and miss. It has something to do with the "pre-gap"(Safedisc 2.8.x) in the write process. That's why I didn't mention CloneCD to make a backup. My Polariod BurnMAX48 backups Safedisc 2.8.x just fine using CloneCD but I've come accross threads where 2 sheep burners failed using CloneCD.

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  13. fishio

    fishio Guest

    thank you shoey, u have helped me loads!!!

    so much for the days of insert disk, backup, and then play problem free!!!!


    ill let u know how i get on
  14. Shoey

    Shoey Guest

    Ye welcome and DON'T get rid of that burner (hehe).

  15. fishio

    fishio Guest

    hey shoey

    it worked, i can now play form my backup, i cant play from my cdrom but i can from my dvd player

    cheers james
  16. Shoey

    Shoey Guest

    Your cd-rom can't bypass ATIP, nothing unusual here m8. If you're considering another rom, maybe encoding movies, then grab a LiteON LTD 163/165/166 drive.


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