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ok! I just got my premodded Xbox.. now what?

Discussion in 'Xbox - Software discussion' started by diableria, Aug 10, 2004.

  1. diableria

    diableria Guest

    I got it yesterday... with Xenium modchip in it.. now what?? what's the next step?
  2. scottas

    scottas Guest

    Plug it in!

    Maybe try "reading the forums", read some of the guides, etc. Although I don't mind helping out when it comes to xbox mods and apps, I'm tired of answering the same questions!! Read the damn forums, our job is not to do all your research!! We are here to help you with the technical stuff, the more in depth information and tricks. We are losing forum members due to the recent lack of noob searching!! Other forums have a dedicated noob section (I think one is needed here) just for initial info. Although all the info is here, it would seem they are just too lazy to find it. diableria, this isn't just you, you just got the short straw. Read the guides posted in the forums and you'll then know what the next step is.
  3. diableria

    diableria Guest

    whoah! lol =( im sorry. I know. but my problem is that I got my premodded Xbox yestersday.. I have no idea if it has the bios in it already... I dont know whats the next step! how do i know it has the bios already in it??? thanks!
  4. Scotsmen

    Scotsmen Guest


    well if its premmodded first test what bios is on the chip by booting it. If the premod included a dash install it might be all done for you. the standard M$ dashboard is just a green and black screen. if a dashboard has been installed it might come up with a new "skin" meaning a background.

    If none of this appear to be different from the original M$ dash and your chip appears to not have a bios on it you need to install a bios that is compatible with the chosen dash you want to use.
    E.G. an evox booting bios will bot the Evo-X dash.

    to flash your chip follow the flash instruction from the xenium web site http://www.ozxodus.com/

    To then install a dash AFTER you have flashed your chips bios, if your not upto doing it manually use an installer disc (say x-disk)http://www.xdisk.com the tool is available in a pre-done iso,you just burn the iso with your chosen cd burn programme.

    and if the chips boots the bios and you burned the iso properly you can then install and boot the disc and follow the on-screen instructions and this will result in you having a modded xbox to enjoy.

    If you need any further assistance just ask, i will try to help you in any way i can.

  5. diableria

    diableria Guest

    thank you very much!. ok, look: when I boot the system it comes up a Xenium screen, and it has a menu in it with these words:
    Launch menu; Disk tools; EE promsTools; Settings; Reboot; Recovery; and Power off. I click the first "launch menu" and then 2 options appear: Retail Kernel, and EVOX... when you click The EVOX one you get a big menu.. you can change skins and do a bunch of things... so can you tell me what that means? does that mean it has bios already in it, or something?
  6. diableria

    diableria Guest

    if it has the bios in it, whats the next step? I tried launching a DVD movie but it just loads and loads and nothing appears.
  7. Scotsmen

    Scotsmen Guest


    Ok from what you have posted it would "seem" like your xbox is fully modded. You can make the xenium chip auto boot the evox bios so you do not enter the xenium operating system every time.

    And if the installer who did the job for you used an installer disc you should have a list of headings in the evox menu. to play a DVD you want to look for a tool in one of the sub-menu's something like dvdX

    (I cannot be more specific without seeing your system personally)

    but this tool or similar should allow you to paly dvd movies "region free"

    and if you want some more assistance PM me and we can discuss your setup in more depth, I have my own installer disc I use to setup hdd's for my customers.

    with it i set the menu up to try to be very user friendly with no obscure menu item names.

    e.g. and extract from my Evo-X menu

    ~~~~~~Play A Game Saved To Hdd~~~~~~
    ~~Launch Game Or DVD From Drive D:~~
    ~~~~~~Save A Game To Your Hdd~~~~~~~
    ~~~~~~Region Free Movie Player~~~~~~
    ~~~~~~~~~~~Other Programs~~~~~~~~~~~
    ~~~~~~~~~~~System Settings~~~~~~~~~~
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Switch Off~~~~~~~~~~~~

    Thats how mine is set but your "should" be somewhat similar

  8. diableria

    diableria Guest

    dude! thanks a lot! that info is very useful! how do I PM you???
  9. Scotsmen

    Scotsmen Guest

    Erm if you look to the right of your screen when viewing this thread you will see a small icon of a "bust" that means its a picture of a head and torso
    if you double click on the one to the right of my name you will be able to send me a private message

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