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Okay...new issue

Discussion in 'DVDR' started by rainonme, Sep 20, 2004.

  1. rainonme

    rainonme Guest

    Hey everyone! Okay, still very much a newbie, but the more I try to make DVDs the more I need to learn about. K, now I have a bunch of avi files that I want to put on dvd. Now I wonder, because I've seen it done many times, how they get like 12 episodes- all reasonably good quality- on one disc?

    Do you have to find the avi file already in a compact format? Is there a way for you to "shrink" the avi file down so that like 8 or 12 can fit on one 4.5GB disc? How do they do it? 'Cause the way I'm doing it is time-consuming.

    1) I make a compilation of the avi files I want with nero vision express (4 episodes only),

    2) transcode and burn it to a dvd

    3) take the video files and shrink with DVD shrink

    4) take the video files (now I can do up to 8 without serious impairment), form a compilation and burn

    Isn't there something that can take a compilation, shrink then transcode?

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

  2. ScubaPete

    ScubaPete Senior member

    Mar 13, 2003
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    Hi again rainonme,

    Lets try this:

    Go from AVI to VCD with Cucusoft -


    then follow these notes to get 6 hours of pretty good video on a single DVD -

    a guide for going FROM VCD to DVD
    (by Minion)

    Well if the files aren't encoded yet then you should Use Mpeg2 instead of Mpeg1 because it is a better format and maybe "Bump" the bitrate up to about 1500kbs. This will increase the Quality quite a Bit and still allow you to get 6 hours on a DVD if you use a audio bitrate of 192kbs....

    This DVD Format is Called SIF or CIF format and not every DVD authoring program will support this DVD format especially Cheapo DVD authoring programs. Both DVD Lab and TMPGEnc DVD Author will support this DVD format accept with DVDLab you have to use Mpeg2....

    You can just encode your files to VCD but use 48000HZ Audio and then author them to a DVD with no problems. That way you could fit 6+ hours of VCD quality Video on a DVD....

    When you encode a low resolution VCD file to full resolution DVD Format you loose a lot of quality because you are resizing a small resolution to a large resolution which is were you loose all of the quality, but there is no need to re-encode VCD's to DVD because VCD's are already DVD compliant accept for the audio which needs to be 48000hz to be on a DVD......

    a Note about settings in the GOP Structure settings:

    Set the "Output Interval for Sequence Header" to "1" and this will Put 1 sequence header before every GOP...
    You actually get Better quality when using a smaller GOP but it can cause a slightly bigger file size...
    This is the GOP I use:

    Number of I Pictures in GOP: 1
    Number of P Pictures in GOP: 4
    Number of B Picture ins GOP: 2
    Number of Frames in GOP: 15

    Best of luck,

    Last edited: Sep 20, 2004
  3. rainonme

    rainonme Guest

    Thanks again Pete! =)

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