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One-Click Multipass DivX Application ( DVD to DivX Apps )

Discussion in 'DivX / XviD' started by happyuser, Jun 19, 2004.

  1. happyuser

    happyuser Guest

    It would be nice to have a one-click mulitpass DivX/XviD application ( one that can convert DVD into DivX or vobs into DivX ). Currently, the best result DivX conversion tools around involve a multi-step and complex procedures with rather steep knowledege of video conversion. Those easy to use applications like the DVD TO AVI CONVERTER do only one pass. Let's say you want to convert the whole DVD ( including Extras ) into DivX, it is going to take you one hell of a job to do a multipass DivX conversion with just a simple CBR mp3 result. One of such way that involves only freewares is using DoItFast4U, AC3 Decoder (v 1.24b or better), MPEG2Dec3.dll and DVD2AVIdg.exe that include in the decodefix100.zip, and SmoothDeinterlacer.dll together with the VirtualDub method that you can find anywhere now in the internet. But this method requires a lot of work and patience and knowledege of video conversion: but it gives you the best result you ever want. So the solution of the DoItFast4U method above is out of the question for all of us who are everyday busy working but who are also DivX enthusiasts.
    It would be nice to have an application that can input several pairs of video+audio at one time, and then apply the same settings ( for example, 160 kbps CBR lame mp3 for all the audio and a 4-pass multipass DivX Pro 5.0.5 with Home-Theatre Bidirectional Encoding 300-MaxKeyFrameInterval with a bit rate of 1000 kbps for all the video in these video-audio pairs ). If there is such an application ( a really good one ), then we can just use the DoItFast4U with some AvsSwift apps to convert everything from the original DVD into DivX with extremely high quality. Again, with the currently available software, if you want to convert everything from the original DVD into DivX using the DoItFast4U, it is going to consume a lot of your effort and time and patience to achieve the highest quality.
    Why don't we just share our experiences in the idea of how to convert everything from the original DVD into DivX with multipass video conversion and highest quality audio conversion? I hope some DivX enthusiastic programmer would read this post of mine and may go for a direction of developing such application for use with DoItFast4U or other application to achieve this fantastic task.
    What do you think?
  2. Kingd

    Kingd Guest

    Have you checked out Autogordian knot? It's supposed to do divx as well as xvid. I know it works great for xvid and most people give xvid the nod in terms of overall quality. You should check it out at www.autogk.net.
  3. happyuser

    happyuser Guest

    Well, Auto Gordian Knot version 1.25 does not have a settings for choosing multipass encoding ( for example if you want it to encode 5 pass with DivX Pro 5.0.5 with Home-Theatre Bidirectional Encoding 300-MaxKeyFrameInterval with a bit rate of 1000 kbps ). Moreover, it uses BeSweet to encode your audio: BeSweet will lower significantly the quality of the audio: BeSweet should be avoided.
  4. shiroh

    shiroh Guest

    5 pass multipass ?! did you know why the xvid developer ditch multipass ? its cause after 3 pass in divx, the optimization is almost zero. i think xvid is better in compressing with 3 bframes.

    besweet to be avoided ? i think besweet is one of the best aaudio tools ? please do tell why you hate it.

    you shouldn't deinterlace like that, check if its a telecined source (ie 3:2 pulldown source), you can IVTC it and convert to 23.967 fps which will save more bit per second, and the interlace will go away. only pure interlace should be deinterlace.

    i think its wise to encode the audio and video at seperate time, much faster this way, but its just me.

    try using VBR and vorbis for audio, or HE AAC. you do want the best way right.

    tip 1,
    don't use full processing in vdub, only fast recompress, you're using avisynth, run all filters there. cause vdub full processing will change the clour space to rgb, for easier calculation. rule of colour space, don't change it.
  5. happyuser

    happyuser Guest

    Please refer to the link below for how to correctly treat various types of NTSC video in the aspect of IVTCing, Deinterlacing, ect.
    If you remember in Auto Gordian Knot, even the Gordian Knot, there is no real deinterlacer. Well, FieldDeinterlacer is a really bad deinterlacer: it should not be used at all. Instead of it, you can use SmoothDeinterlacer.dll.
    If you think there will not be any pure interlaced materials because ninty-nine percent (99%) of the main movie is film, think again. While it is true that ninty-nine percent of the main movie is film, most of the pieces in the Extras of the DVD are pure interlaced that need to be deinterlaced when converted into mpeg 4 ( DivX ).
    Let's say you want to convert the whole DVD ( everything on the DVD ) into DivX. Currently, the only FREEWARE available application at this writing is the DoItFast4U that you can used to facilitate you in accomplishing this task. But then Gordian Knot can not be used with this DoItFast4U: VirtualDub would be able to handle output by this DoItFast4U though it requires a lot of your work and patience. There is one disadvantage when using this method is that it is one hell of a job to have everything on the DVD into DivX: but there are a lot of other advantages that this method can offer. If you like, I can state some of these advantages. What would be nice now is that if some DivX enthuasiastic programmer would write an application that takes the output from DoItFast4U into in ONE-CLICK mode that will convert these into DivX with multi-pass encoding and high quality audio encoding. There is the VirtualDubMod, but with this, you will have to open a particular individual video and then the audio and then subtitle and then set encoding parameter and then save it as first pass and then change settings and then save it as nth pass: one hell of a job to do it this way.
    An alternative would be ripping individual VTS set and input each and everyone of these VTS sets into Auto Gordian Knot or Gordian Knot and let these Gordian Knot do the rest. But then you will not be able to take adavantage of all the features that DoItFast4U offers. One of such is this: within one particular VTS set, there may be 3 or more pieces of trailers, and each of these trailers even though in the same aspect ratio, for example 4x3, has its orginal resolution of different type. For example, the first trailer may be 4x3 and when you watch it, there is no black bar at top and at the bottom. But the second trailer, has black bars both on top and at the bottom. Obviously this second piece needs to be resized, and then cropped ( getting rid of these black bars ) properly. Since Gordian Knot(s) input one VTS set at a time, it will treat all the pieces ( trailers ) in the above example VTS set as unique and this Gordian Knot will apply only one crop and resize setting for this one VTS set, so all the trailers in this VTS set will get the same crop and resize setting: that is no good: a waste of bitrate for encoding these black bars.
    With DoItFast4U, you can get rid of all these black bars by using a software like AVSEdit. Yes you can do this, but it is going to consume a lot of your time and effort.
    Besides, let's take the above example again with the VTS set of trailers. Not all the trailers in that VTS set of trailers are wanted by you. So by using DoItFast4U, you can delete one or some particular trailer(s) and keep the ones that you like: this will reduce the amount of time taken to prepare and encode these pieces.

  6. shiroh

    shiroh Guest

    damnit, another long post. :p

    i know this is supposed to be a one click whateveer thread.

    i use this script.

    Telecide(order=1, post=1, hints=true)
    KernelDeint(1, sharp=false)

    for best result but, insanely slow.



    will get the job done well.

    heh where is the thrill in one click app.

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