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optorite disaster

Discussion in 'CD-R(W) Media' started by iriedawta, Sep 7, 2004.

  1. iriedawta

    iriedawta Guest

    i have a optorite cdrw-5202. the nero program, alchlol 120% reads the cd burner has capable of burning at 4 x-52 x. problem is everytime i slap in a cd media to burn, it jumps up to 12 x. it won't go down to 4 x. i tried different media, verbatim, memorex, tdk, and sony. all does the same thing. right now i am about to throw the cd burner away!. (hence the reason on buying a plextor premium burner, which is on its way). but my question is why doesn't it want to burn at 4x even though its capable of burning at 4x. even on its site it says its capable of burning at 4x up, and the burning software picks it up at 4x and up. but soon has i slap in a cd-r media it jumps up to 12x and up. and won't go down. how can i make it jump back down to 4x to burn on cd-r media.
  2. Jeanc1

    Jeanc1 Guest

    In Nero Express -- you can select the Writing Speed --
    Choices there are MAXIMUM , and a whole bunch of lesser speed. -- Did you try selecting 4X there ?

    If it's set at Maximun , Nero will attempt to burn to whatever speed your Media can support and/or your burner can.
  3. iriedawta

    iriedawta Guest

    yes i did. i was saying that nero, alcholol select the speed 4x, but when i slap in the media disc to burn. it jumps up to 12x

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